Fortnite Season 7 Hidden/Secret Battle Star Locations (Snowfall Challenges)

Fortnite Season 7 Hidden/Secret Battle Star Locations (Snowfall Challenges)

Our Fortnite Season 7 Hidden Battle Stars & Banner Locations guide features all of the battle star locations for the Snowfall Challenges! You will unlock the mystery skin if you can complete 60 weekly challenges.

What’s the deal with secret battle stars and their secret identities? It all began in season 4, when you could unlock a loading page if you had completed all the challenges for that week. One of the loading screens showed the outline of a battlestar. They found the star and were able to collect it!

What do the hidden Battle Stars do for us?

When you get one of these hidden battle stars, you will be rewarded with 10 stars towards your battle pass. This helps you quickly level up and unlock all the sweet cosmetics that you have paid for.

What is the secret to hidden banners?

Every other week, there will be hidden banners. It’s not clear why they added it, but it allows people to collect a little cosmetic. Personally, I am more interested than the battle stars. But it is something that you might like.

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Snowfall Mystery Skin

Season 7 will have slightly different requirements for unlocking the mystery skin. To unlock the mystery skin, you will need to complete 60 weekly challenges. Seven challenges are given each week. You can unlock the skins in as little as nine weeks.

The Snowfall Challenge Mystery Skin has been revealed, and it’s The Prisoner!

Season 7 Hidden Battle Star Locations

Each week will unlock a loading page, which contains clues to the location and secret battle star. You won’t find these stars if you don’t complete the week’s challenges.

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Week 1 Battle Star

If you complete all your challenges, the first loading screen will show you the new Zenith skin. He is wearing Remus on his back. He is zip-lining down the mountain in the new snow area. You can see the submarine in the background. The transparent battlestar is located above this submarine.

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You should head to the new area of snow. The submarine has been iced up into the mountain to the east.

Week 2 Hidden Banner

You will hunt for a hidden banner in week 2. After you complete all your challenges this week, you will get a loading screen with the Lynx Skin! The banner is displayed on her screen because she’s a graphic designer. Although it can be found quite close to last week’s location, it is actually located in Frosty Flights.

Go to Frosty Flights, the new Iceberg biome. Then head to the east building. You’ll find a room on the second floor that is almost identical to the one shown above. The banner will be found there.

Week 3 Battle Star

You will receive this Sgt. if you finish all the challenges in week 3. Winter loading screen with the A.I.M. Skins loaded up with presents on an airplane! The transparent battle star that you can find if you look closely at the hangar to the left will be visible.

Frosty Flights has this hangar, which is where most of these hidden items are located.

Week 4 Hidden Banner

This loading screen will be available after you complete the Season 7 challenges in Week 4. This screen shows off the Driftboard vehicle, the Powder skin, as well as the Hamirez pet.

This banner can be found in the Happy Hamlet. It is located next to the Big Shots Espresso Bar near the clock tower. It will be located on the third floor, just outside the small green building that is next to that coffee shop.

Week 5 Hidden Battle Star

After completing week 5, you’ll receive this Trog loading screen. It displays the abominable Snowman skin from the battle passage, along with Slushy Soldier’s back bling Slushy Jr. as well the tiny penguin from Rickety Runner.

Trog can find the battle star in the cave where he lives. This is in the southwest region of the winter biome. The map below shows exactly the location of the battle star, but the entrance is located further southwest.

Week 6 Hidden Banner

A loading screen with the Onesie skin, which promotes Durrr Burger’s fast food restaurant, will be available for week 6. The hidden banner is visible on the chalkboard to the right. But the most interesting part of this image is Tomato Head looking down through a telescope.

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As you can see, the chalkboard will display the hidden banner location. This location is actually located in the desert biome, south of Paradise Palms. It is located on the top of the mountain, where cars and cactus surround it.

Week 7 Hidden Battle Star

The following loading screen will be displayed after you have completed the week 7 challenges. It seems like The Ice King will be causing havoc in his kingdom. This reminds me a lot of The Lich King, World of Warcraft’s ruler of the Scourge.

This one is simple to find. Just head up to Polar Peak, and then inside the castle. You’ll find the King’s Throne and the Battle Star if you continue onward.

Week 8 Hidden Banner

After you’ve completed the week 8 challenges, you’ll unlock the loading screen below. The Ice King has plans of doing terrible things and will bring an icy winter to Fortnite’s islands! Look below his right leg on the castle wall to see the coordinates that correspond with the location of the hidden banner.

You can find the exact spot by clicking on A8, A9 or B8 on the map. You can find the banner over the snowy area on the map below.

Week 9 Hidden Battle Star

After you have completed your week 9 challenges, you will receive this loading screen showing The Prisoner fleeing from his prison cell! On the left side you will see what appears to be a large sled, with a battle star above it. This star is located to the north-east of Happy Hamlet.

If you recall, the exact spot where the wooden chair used to stand is the exact one. It’s now a wooden sled, and is located east of Polar Peak. Below is a map showing the exact location.

Week 10 Hidden Banner

You will receive this loading screen of The Prisoner enjoying freedom, if you finish the final week’s challenges. You’ll notice a banner hovering near the large tree if you look closely.

This exact spot is just east of Retail Row and west of the racetrack area. It is also located just north of a small building with cactus around it.

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