Fortnite Season 5 Week 5 Challenges List, Locations & Solutions

Fortnite Season 5 Week 5 Challenges List, Locations & Solutions

This week is Week 5 of the Season 5 Battle Pass! This week we will be looking for Junk Junction chests and using Rift Portals to eliminate three opponents in one match. Also, players will suffer damage with clinger, stinkbombs or grenades. Next, we will hit a golf course from a tee-to-green, following a treasuremap found in Snobby Shores. Finally, enemies in Shifty Shafts will be eliminated!

Season 5 Battle Pass Challenges List Week 5

List of free Battle Pass Challenges

Take a look at our Season 5 GuideFor guides for every week’s challenges!

Are You Struggling With Challenges?

If you’re having trouble with the challenges, head to the 50v50 LTM. It’s easier to find loot areas that need chest openings and not be shot. Although you can complete many of these challenges in this mode it’s more difficult to obtain location-specific eliminations. I would try to complete them in solo, duos or teams.

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Junk Junction Search Chests (7)

Junk Junction is very remote and doesn’t have any rifts. This makes it a low-population area. This challenge will make it quite hectic. As you fly in, you can see quite a few chests. So make sure you keep your eyes open when you get off the bus.

Junk Junction Chest Diagram

Use Rift Portals (3)

Season 5 will see the addition of riffs to the game. These are great because you don’t have to worry about landing in corners or other places that are far from the circle. The best part is that you can jump in one of these to take off wherever you want. You can see our rift map and learn more about the additions to this game at our Rift Guide & Locations post!

Rift Locations MapRift Locations Map

Eliminate Opponents in One Match (3) (HARD).

If you’re not a good player, this one could be difficult. If you’re not a great player, I recommend the 50v50 LTM. It gives you plenty of opportunities to play and gets you some wins. Check out our detailed guide if you still have trouble understanding the game. Fortnite Tips & Tricks post!

You can deal damage to other players by using a Clinger or Stink Bomb (300).

They are being used more often than ever. Clingers are very useful. If someone is in tight quarters, you can throw one or two at them. Both will cause damage and break the wall. The Grenade can be used to force people out of places they don’t want.

On different holes, hit a golf club from the tee up to the green ((5)).

You should attach one of your golf balls toys to your favorite emote wheels. You can then head to Lazy Links. There are a number of golf tees available in the area. Simply stand on one, use your emote, and hit the ball onto the green.

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Here are some tips for those who don’t know much about golf. Here is what a golf course tee area looks and feels like.

This is where you begin golf. Here you aim your ball towards the green. The flag is in this area. Here’s a closer view:

These challenges are generally quite forgiving so hit it wherever you can.

Follow the treasure maps found in Snobby Shores.

You can find the Snobby Shore treasuremap treasure location in Haunted hills.

The exact location of the building is located in the northern part of the city. Here is the Snobby Shores map that shows the location.

Eliminate your opponents in Shifty shafts (3) (HARD).

The loot in Shifty Shafts can be very good, but it can be difficult to navigate due to the various levels. The highest part of the area is the top, followed by a mid-tier area and finally the bottom cave. It is possible to get shot from many places, so make sure you take care when you’re heading there to complete the challenge.

Hidden Battle Star Week 5 of Season 5

A loading screen will be presented to you after you have completed all the challenges. This loading screen has a clue that leads to a hidden battlestar. The loading screen for Week 5 is shown below. I’ve highlighted the clues in the image.

Our full list includes all the hidden stars. Season 5 Hidden Battle Star Locations Guide!

This location is located to the west from the racetrack in desert biome. Here’s a map that pinpoints the exact location.

If that’s not enough, here’s a detailed look at the exact location: