Fortnite Season 4 Week 5 Challenges Guide

Fortnite Season 4 Week 5 Challenges Guide

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Fortnite Season 4’s Battle Pass Challenges are quickly approaching week 5. We have a guide that will provide all the information you need to successfully complete the challenges.

You should complete the weekly challenges of season 4 if you don’t already know. You will unlock the legendary skin by completing each week. Blockbuster Challenges!

Season 4 Battle Pass Challenges for Week 5.

Complete your application if you haven’t done so already Week 4 Challenges! You can also visit our full overview of Fortnite Season 4!

SMGs can cause damage to your opponents

SMGs don’t pose a problem so it shouldn’t be difficult. If you are interested in running a loadout using an SMG I recommend that you run an AR, Shotgun and SMG Follow Up. The shotgun can be used to do bulk damage and the SMG can follow up. Purple tactical smg is a powerful weapon that should not be underestimated. Check out our loadout guide to learn more about some of the most popular. Fortnite Loadout Guide!

Dusty Divot: Search Chests

Season 4 was crazy for Dusty Divot, but it’s now a little more manageable. While there are quite a few chests out there, this challenge is going to be crazy. To try this challenge, I recommend you wait until a few days after they are posted.

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Dusty Divot Chests

For this challenge, the chests in the Dusty Depot should still be counted. This might be your best place to aim for when landing.

A Vending Machine is a good choice

It was originally meant to be a “Use a Jetpack Challenge”, but this seems to have changed. You can now use a Vending Machine. Check out the map below to see where they are located. Vending Machines don’t always appear and are not always easy to find. You can check again, or go to another location, if they don’t show up.

Get together to raise the bar near Loot Lake by dancing with others

To raise the disco balls, you’ll need four people who can dance on different light-up platforms. Although this would be easy for a group, it is possible to get solos that are more willing to take on the challenge and not just shoot you. You will be able to raise the level of your disco ball if there are four people on the pads. The pads can be found in the Loot-Lake factories’ northernmost building.

Follow the Greasy Grove treasure map (HARD).

You can find the treasure by heading to the evil lair east of Snobby Shores. The rocket can be found at the top of the lair. This will allow you to drop down and grab it, rather than having to climb your way up. The video below demonstrates how you can do this.

Minigun and Light Machine Gun Elimination

The Minigun would be a better choice than the Light Machine Gun. The Minigun is smaller in ammunition and does more damage. The LMG is a powerful weapon when used correctly and can also be used at close range. The LMG can be used to quickly storm people, and you only need two eliminations.

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Eliminate all opponents in Lucky Landing.

Lucky Landing is a great spot, but it is not often visited. It is a good spot for loot and if you are able to cut down bamboo trees, you will be pretty well-equipped and have plenty of resources. It doesn’t have enough people to support it, so it can be quite challenging trying to get out alive.

Hidden Battle Star for Week 5

Moisty Mire is week 5’s hidden treasure! The new loading screen is below. There’s also a picture above of a crab that has the battle star logo. A wooden crab can be found in the southern part of Moisty Mire. The location has been added to the map.

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