Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Challenges Week 10 Guide

Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Challenges Week 10 Guide

This week’s final week for Season 3 Battle Pass Fortnite. Get that Reaper skin by completing these challenges!

Season 3 Battle Pass Challenges Week 10

Finish your task. Season 3 Battle Pass Challenges for Week 9! Check out our website if you are missing others. Season 3 Battle Pass Challenge Hub.

Search for Chests in Fatal Fields

Fatal Fields is my favorite landing spot. There are many chests and good loot to be found. You can still reach the small barns with good loot from behind the house, even if you don’t get to the stables or big barn. You can also flank the large red barn to reach the grey barn and forest area, which both can hold a chest. You can even find a stone area with a lot of materials and potential to make a chest.

Headshot damage is possible

It shouldn’t be difficult as long you aim directly at your enemy as you would normally. This challenge can be completed with just one pump shotgun shot. However, you should use this opportunity to improve your accuracy with assault rifles.

You can search for a chest in different locations.

Search 12 chests. Be sure to make landing areas. As you play this one, it will likely end for you. I wouldn’t be too focused on it.

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Skydive through floating Rings

This is a challenging challenge. We are not sure how it will work, but there will be rings in the air that you can fly through. If you’re missing any, you might be able use a launchpad to help you complete it.

You can search between a Stone Circle and a Wooden Bridge, or a Red RV (HARD).

This is the area that we have narrowed down to just south of Tomato Town. See our Search between a Stone Circle, Wooden Bridge and a Red RV location guideOr, see the map below!

Eliminate Opponents

To complete this challenge, you will need to defeat TEN enemies. Check out our Help Center if you’re having trouble. Fortnite Tips and Tricks Guide!

Pleasant Park (HARD).

Pleasant Park is quite popular so you can expect to see a lot of activity. Here’s a tip: Drop on a roof, and then quickly climb up to get a gun. You can then jump on to the roof and pick someone off quickly. People who are slow to land or running wild can be hit. You should be cautious when moving between houses.