Fortnite Season 10 (X) Gas Station Locations (Spray & Pray)

Fortnite Season 10 (X) Gas Station Locations (Spray & Pray)

The Fortnite Gas Station Locations guide contains all the locations that you will need to visit to complete the Spray Different Gas Stations challenge. This mission is part of Season X’s Missions. Completing this will bring you closer to receiving more cosmetics in the battle pass.

Learn more about the Spray & Pray Mission with our guide here.

Locations of Gas Stations

It’s easy to spray at three locations. However, there are eight total stations we have located. It is best to travel to Pleasant Park and then go south to the station west of Loot Lake. You can continue south from there to the indoor soccer arena stadium, which has another station. If you are looking for a more rural route, I would recommend going to Lucky Landing’s one, and then heading east to the unnamed station. Paradise Palms should have been cleared by now, so head east to the unnamed location station.

It’s not necessary to do them all in one round. However, it would be quicker. Remember that they must be at different stations. If you spray one in a round you will have to go to two locations, even if it is a new game.


Exact Locations

  • Eastern Pleasant Park
  • Loot lake west
  • North of the Indoor Soccer Field
  • North Neo Tilted. (Tilted may undergo some changes soon, and there might not be one).
  • North Salty Springs
  • North of Lucky Landing
  • South East of Fatal Fields
  • Paradise Palms

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