Our Fortnite Season 10 Guide (sometimes referred to as Season X) takes a look at everything you’ll need to know about this next battle pass! We’ve got all the information you need about Season 10, including the date and the plot.

We are very close to the 10th season! Epic will go crazy with this one, as 10 is a good number. It’s quite an achievement that they have reached this point from where the game started. There are many questions regarding the season’s theme and what items will be returning. FortbytesYou can see an example of this in the following. Although they won’t make much sense thematically, it wouldn’t surprise me if they return with a new name. I also expect to see skin customizations in greater numbers. The new version showed some of this off. Banner BrigadeYou can choose the colors and icons that will appear on your cosmetics.

You can find cosmetics in our post if you are looking for them. here.

Fortnite Season 10: Start Date

Season 10 of Battle Pass is scheduled to begin on August 1, 2019. Epic is known for being punctual and able to handle delays. You can read more about the Season 9 Overtime Challenges while we wait. here. Fortnite’s 2nd Birthday Celebration will also be held. You can learn more about it here. here.

Recent Leaks

Here’s a glimpse at the Mech Suit as seen in one teaser. Also, we get a glimpse at what could be a new Rust Lord style or possibly a new skin!

Fortnite Season X Teasers

Every day teasers will be posted, starting at least three to four days prior to the season’s launch. Epic sends a link and an image that gives clues about the theme for the new season.

Story Trailer

The complete story trailer for Season 10 is now available!

Teaser #4

Zero In. 8.1.2019 pic.twitter.com/c8C1VVIVx2

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) July 31, 2019

The last teaser shows Jonesy running for his life after the Zero Point anomaly explodes.

Teaser #3

Twist Time. 8.1.2019 – Source

Each teaser seems to be representing a different season. Dusty Depot is Season 3. The Visitor is Season 4. Now both Ragnarok (similar skin) (left) and DriftIn this Season 5 teaser, (right), they are shown! These are likely to be skins for the Season 10 battle pass.

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Teaser #2

Keep Looking Forward. 8.1.2019 – Source

It seems that we’re not moving away from the future yet. The teaser shows a war machine that could be piloted by a human pilot. This could be a viable vehicle for the game. But we will have to wait and watch!

The teaser logo matches that found on the website. The Visitor’s uniform!

Teaser #1

Take a look back. 8.1.2019 – Source

This teaser looks as if Fortnite’s first Fortnite teaser has revealed the return to Dusty Depot. This teaser gives more credence to the entire time fluctuation theory.

Fortnite Season 10 Theories

Because of the Mech vs. Monster battle, there aren’t many theories to be found. The battle is over, and the monster has lost! One thing we do know is that the next season will be a battle pass. It’s the ORB, which was left behind when the Mech used it for a punch that threw the monster off its feet. This is Loot Lake, where all power was being drawn to bring with it all of Neo Tilted’s futuristic components.

Zero Point

Donald Mustard is Epic Games’ Creative Director. He likes to keep his website updated. Twitter profileWith cryptic locations. He has now updated his profile to add The Zero Point as his location. What does that actually mean? It’s confusing. Here’s a paragraph. Wikipedia:

Zero-point energy (ZPE), is the difference between the quantum mechanical system’s lowest energy and the classical minimum energy. Quantum systems are able to fluctuate in the lowest energy state, unlike classical mechanics. This is due to Heisenberg uncertainty principle. These properties also apply to the vacuum, which is empty space. Quantum field theory states that the universe cannot be viewed as isolated particles but continuous fluctuating forces: matter fields, whose quanta include fermions (e.g. Leptons, quarks, and force fields are quanta of bosons (e.g. photons, and gluons. These fields have zero point energy. Since some systems can detect this energy, these fluctuating zero-point fields are a form of reintroduction in physics. This aether can’t be considered a physical medium, unless it is Lorentz-invariant and there is no contradiction to Einstein’s theory.

It doesn’t matter that we know what Zero Point means. Although it would be nice to, it isn’t important. It doesn’t matter if we know this thing is unstable or could have insane consequences. One of these is… TIME FLUCTUATION! This was brought up by a commenter. I think the new styles in the Season 9 Overtime ChallengesYou have either become older or younger. Bunker Jonesy appears to have gone grey while Stratus seems younger. His beard is gone and Stratus also has the word Time or Timer on his wrist. It appears that the skeleton left behind by the monster has become much more overgrown than it should be. Recent news also revealed that Risky Reels was actually being used. re-added to the filesThis could also mean that we are getting some old POIs back along with some new ones!

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Other Theories

Is there a magical season in the works? The orb will have many stages. Some of them look quite chaotic. It is possible to see a huge explosion that completely destroys the island. Expecting big changes is possible with Season 10, which is a major milestone.

There are also questions that remain about the skeleton the monster left behind. There is a possibility that the monster may have a lingering evil and seeps into ground to corrupt the island. Although there isn’t much evidence to support this theory the fact that the skeleton was left behind opens up possibilities for it to be part of future Halloween celebrations.

Fortnite Season 10/X: Leaks

On July 27th 2019, a tiny leak showed what could be the image that would introduce Season 10 to the masses via the PlayStation store. It shows the Battle Bus behind a large X. In roman numerals, the X represents 10 Credit to KrispyLeaks.

As we approach the end of the season, it looks like the Loot lake orb will be changing and evolving.

I have found three particles in the event files: P_CattusDoggus_DestabilizeP_CattusDoggus_Destabilize2P_CattusDoggus_Destabilize3

These are the three stages of the Nexus Orbit, I believe. The first one is visible right now, and the second two are visible later. This will lead up to season 10. pic.twitter.com/hWuSuuUWHq

— FortTory – Fortnite Leaks & News (@FortTory) July 20, 2019

The sounds coming from the orb have also been leaked. It sounds very much like a storm and a heartbeat if you pay attention!

The sound of the final Orb stage! (Stage 3) pic.twitter.com/SxAAevnJGS

— HYPEX – Fortnite Leaks & News (@HYPEX) July 21, 2019

Unfortunately, we don’t know much at the moment. As there are no leaked skins, we don’t know where the game is heading. Epic is expected to pull out all the stops for Season 10. Expect some very interesting things!


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