Fortnite Retail Row Guide – Landing Spots, Landmarks, Chest Locations, Map, Loot Path, Challenges

Fortnite Retail Row Guide – Landing Spots, Landmarks, Chest Locations, Map, Loot Path, Challenges

Retail Row is a popular spot in Fortnite: Battle Royale for those looking to gain strong loot and experience battle. Our guide walks you through all the details of this destination so that you are ready to face any challengers!

Retail Row Overview

Retail Row has two distinct areas. They are known as black tops or houses. Most of the west side of Retail Row is made up of homes, some of which are broken and busted, and others that are still intact. The eastern side of Retail Row has a grocery shop and other shops. This is what we call black tops because of the black roof colors. It is crucial to distinguish if you are going to be playing in a squad or duo. When you are too different, your teams will often fall apart. Although I would not recommend landing exactly in the same spot, it is a good idea to land close together so that you can both help each other depending on the situation.

Retail Row Landmarks

Names for certain areas of retail are a good idea. It can make communication easier with your team. These names will also be used throughout the guide. Knowing these will help you to understand the rest of this article.

I’m going to start on the east side of this map.

Blacktops on Retail Row

Water Tower

Retail Row’s most prominent and iconic spot is the water tower. The water tower is located on the east side of Retail Row and sometimes has a chestspawn. You can easily land on it, grab a gun and possibly pick off those north of your who have landed on blacktop roofs. You’ll need to take down the water tower below you, and then land on the roof or fence of the small shed. Sometimes, you might find a gun or a chest in the shed area. It is worth looking.

This area is not recommended for long-term use.


The water tower is right next to a small diner, which sometimes has a chest inside. This place isn’t worth visiting. If you don’t hear the chest, skip it.

Book Store

A book store is located next to the diner. It has several bookshelves and a small space on the first level. The stairs lead to more bookshelves, and a room with a chest, gun or ammo container. The second floor room can be accessed from the north. You can then go onto the roof to access the door to the big fishing/tackle shop.

If you are a friend and they’re on the second level, you can attack them from behind where there is a window. You can often catch them off guard and get a quick kill.

Buildings in Under Construction

They are located on the same floor as the book shop and fishing shop. These are stocked with guns and ammo, as well as wood pallets which can yield quite a bit.

Fishing Shop

This is where I go when I land blacktops. If I don’t have a gun I will usually look for it. The door to the area leads onto a roof that houses the under-construction buildings. It usually has a chest and multiple ammo boxes. There are also other ammo and guns that you can pick up from the bottom. I like to walk through the back to loot the area in the cages or to the under-construction rooms for quick loot.

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Cage Area

This is what we call the “cage”, and it does have a lot of loot. This area is good to veer to if you’re worried that someone will grab your gun or land on top of you. It is important to check the area before you land near it. Many people don’t pay attention.

Small Shop

We find a small shop as we move west, but it isn’t worth checking. You should avoid going to the front. I’d be very reluctant to go to the rear of the area. You can also access a small storage space at the back that may contain a gun or other ammo.

Transport Truck

Listen for the chest in the shipping container while you’re back here. This is a good spot to hit when you are landing, as the chest is almost always there.

NOMS Grocery Store

There may be a chest spawn in the garage above the door if you have gotten through the back. If it is there, you can break it down and listen to it. A new chest spawn is located at the back end of the grocery store. Be sure to look for it. Guns can be found between the aisles. The upstairs area may also have guns, but they are often forgotten about.

Attention to the area leading into the grocery store. It’s easy for thieves to set traps and it’s very popular.

Parking Lot in Retail Row

You should avoid this area for the most part. Although there is a lot of cover here, you’re still vulnerable to gunfire from all directions. Anyone on a blacktop roof or LeBron’s house can see you and hit you very easily.

Taco Shop

This is not a good spot to stash guns or chests. However, it should be checked if your goal is to get a gun or do a full loot.

Retail Row Houses

I’m going start at the southern-easternmost portion and work my ways up. These areas aren’t so distinct that only one house needs to be covered.

LeBron’s House

LeBron’s house, or just Lebron’s, is probably the most sought-after landing spot. It is called LeBron’s house (or just Lebron’s). It has a basketball court directly next to it. It’s a wonderful spot, as it’s large and has three potential chests spawns: a dog house, big roof and garage roof. The second floor contains three rooms that can each have a gun. Also, the first floor is worth a look.

This house is often used as a “roof camp”. It allows you to see both sides of Retail Row from a good angle, so that you can pick people and protect them.

Busted House (West Lebron’s)

This is where I love to land when visiting houses. It is located on the corner, so it is protected from both the south and the west sides of the map. Two chests are also found here: one in roof and one on second floor just below the hole in ceiling. There are also guns possible in this area, although the one on top is always there. If you land there and another person is, it’s a good idea to go after the gun first.

Two holes can be found in the ceiling. One is located in the center of the house, the other is at the southern-western end of the house. If you go to the south-western hole, you might find a chest that you can also loot. You will find plenty of loot throughout the house.

Other Houses

Another option is the two-story brick. It is very easy to land at, as it again has two chests. Two chests are also found in the other houses, which can make them useful. The chest is located in the roof of the other house. Be careful not to get stuck down there when you grab the cellar chest. This is a very awkward place, so if someone runs up to your house, you will be at a serious disadvantage.

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Retail Row Map

I’ve colored-coded the areas most often referenced to give you a better visual view.

  • Pink two-story brick
  • Orange: NOMS Supermarket
  • Red: Fishing shop
  • Blue: Water Tower
  • LeBron’s House: Yellow
  • Purple: Taco Shop
  • Green: Busted Two-Story (No Cellar).
  • Retail Row Best Landing Spots

    These are just a few of the things I mentioned above. Here’s a more detailed list:

  • LeBron’s House: Three possible chests and good loot inside.
  • Water Tower: This is a great way to get a quick cash and pick up people who are trying to pickaxe into the blacktops.
  • Fishing Shop Roof: A door leads to the second story, which usually contains a chest. For more loot, you can move to the cage area north.
  • Busted Two Story House: Two consistent chests. Reasonable loot. On the edge of map.
  • Two-Story brick: Two chests, decent house loot and two chests. The location is great, far from the main city areas.
  • Behind NOMS Supermarket: There are two consistent chests and the supermarket can have decent loot.
  • Retail Row Chest Locations

    This is a look at Retail Row’s chests (thanks to Most of the roofs and garages in the house are covered. LeBron’s dog house has one, and the house in the middle has one. They are located on the second floor of the water tower and behind NOMS in a shipping truck.

    Loot Path Retail Row

    Here are a few paths I recommend to help you navigate Retail Row and find all the loot.

    The first path begins at the Water Tower. It continues through the blacktops, hitting all the chests. Fourth is the cage area, which is often overlooked. The blacktop area is less popular than the other areas, so let people have a fight in the houses while you pick up a nice kit. To check for anyone moving through the parking lot, you might want to pause on the roofs.

    The transition from the blacktops and houses can be quite dangerous. You might get roof campers or people looking to make rotations. If there were a lot people moving to Retail, then it may not be worth going on with the two-story brick to the north west. If the factory isn’t runsacked, it can be converted to factories.

    The next step is at the abandoned house at the town’s edge. This is one of my favourite landing spots in Retail Row’s houses section. Grab your loot and get to LeBron’s home before anyone else. You can go on to blacktops or continue your journey depending on what you find and how the loot goes for you. You can move on to Dusty Depot or to the Factories once you have reached the last brick house.

    Locations in Retail Row Challenge

    You may have had to visit certain spots in Retail Row during Battle Pass. If you need to refer to them in the future or are late with your pass completion, here’s a list.

  • Blue Circle: There is no Dancing Sign Battle Pass Season 3 (Week 2): Dance in various forbidden locations
  • Purple Circle: The Ice Cream Truck Battle Pass Season 3 Week 4 – Visit other Ice Cream Trucks.
  • Red Circle: Hidden Gnome! Battle Pass Season 3 (Week 7). – Search for the Hidden Gnome in various named locations.