Best Fortnite Puzzle Map Codes (July 2022)

Best Fortnite Puzzle Map Codes (July 2022)

These puzzle maps will challenge your knowledge and allow you to solve problems on new maps. One of the most common map types in Fortnite is puzzle maps. They cover a variety of game styles such as escape rooms, quizzes or finding hidden objects.

Our list includes the most recent puzzle maps and we have chosen the best. Whether it’s because of their clever design, difficulty, or uniqueness—you’re sure to find something you like!

Best Fortnite Puzzle Maps List

  • Escape Room – Witch House 0843-7298-35678
  • The Towering Inferno: 1941-6127-6815
  • The Secret of Puzzle Library: 4777-294-5281
  • 50 Ways Out: 5562 – 0386-0559
  • Ultimate Find the Button: 559-7078-33334.
  • Exogenesis – Coop Escape Puzzle: 8111-867-7659
  • Spot the Difference Halloween edition: 8222-8452-1872
  • Dungeon Prison: 1314-9611-5070

Escape Room – Witch House

Code: 0843-7298-3578

Witch House is an eerie escape room that will put you in the middle your own scary fairytale. You have been trapped in the home of a witch, and your only chance of survival is your cleverness. Are you able to master magic and defeat her?

The Towering Inferno

Code: 1941-6128-6815

A Detective character is often a sign that the game will have players solving puzzles, investigating clues, and uncovering mysteries. This map is no different. It is a great map for Detective/Puzzle maps and would be a good choice despite it’s current lack of popularity. Check out this map if you are looking to learn more about the puzzle genre.

The Secret of Puzzle Library

Code: 4777-2914-5281

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This map is difficult and will put you in a Library. You must solve a variety puzzles to get through it. The map can be a little confusing, but the puzzles are very fun. The map is similar to escape rooms but has fewer codes to solve. Many of the puzzles in this map require that you draw your own conclusions. This is rare in puzzle maps.

50 ways to get out

Code: 5562-0386-0559

This escape room is unique because it doesn’t have a lengthy story that you must follow as you move on. Each level offers a challenge in its 50 mini-escape room. This map will challenge you and force you to come up with creative solutions to 50 problems. You can find help in the video below if you get stuck trying to escape 50 times.

Ultimate Find the Button

Screenshot by

Code: 5519-7078-3364

Although the Find the Button puzzles may not be new, they are a rare find on Fortnite maps. This map will place you in an area that appears to be the same every time, and you’ll need to find the button each and every time. It’s a simple idea, but the more difficult levels will require you to use your brain and search carefully for hidden objects. Just remember: puzzles come in all shapes and sizes—and so do buttons!

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Exogenesis: Cooperative Escape Puzzle

Code: 8111-8467-7659

What attracted us to this map the most was that we could enjoy a challenging puzzle together. You will need to work together and combine your mental power to solve the clues and unravel the mystery. You’re up for some serious brain exercise? Grab your friend and take a look at this map.

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Spot the Difference Halloween Edition

Screenshot by

Code: 8222-8452-1872

No matter the season, Spot the Difference puzzles are a favorite of everyone! You will find two sides to each puzzle on this creative map. Each side represents the exact same image. You will need to identify the differences between the two sides of an image in order to move on. This puzzle map requires extreme attention and good memory.

Dungeon Prison

Dungeon Prison 3 Code: 2523-7785-1762Dungeon Prison 2 Code: 3908-1285-8738Dungeon Prison 1 Code: 6134-1187-5161

This is the third installment of Dungeon Prison, a popular escape room dungeon series. You are repeatedly imprisoned by a mysterious person for a crime you didn’t commit. To escape, you will need to make difficult jumps and find hidden secrets. So you can enjoy the entire series, we have included Dungeon Prison 2 & Dungeon Prison 1 codes!

The Guards Puzzle Keep

Code: 7709-8759-7393

You must find a way to escape from The Guards Puzzle Keep by exploring a keep. Hidden passages and keys are scattered throughout the keep. You’ll need these keys to unlock them. You will find a number of puzzles as you go deeper into the puzzle. These puzzles will test your brain. This map will require some critical thinking and pattern recognition.

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