Fortnite Poison Dart Trap Guide – Damage, Tips, How-to Use

Fortnite Poison Dart Trap Guide – Damage, Tips, How-to Use

The Fortnite Poison Dart trap guide will show you everything you need to know! When it’s released, we’ll provide details on the damage, how it functions, what it does and how to use it best in-game.

We haven’t had a trap in a while. The Chiller Trap was interesting, but not very useful. We now have an Indiana Jones-style trap that you can trick your enemies to walk in and take some poison damage.

It’s a Poison Trap! Be careful not to fall for this trap!

Release Date of Poison Dart Trap

The Poison Trap was published on March 27th 2019.

Poison Dart Trap Damage & Information

Here is the official information about the Poison Trap.

  • Available in Uncommon Rarity
  • You can place them on ceilings, floors, or walls.
  • Floor Loot.
  • You can trigger up to three grid cells from each other.
  • Fires Poison Dart projectiles three horizontal grid cells (four verticular grid cells) at a distance.
  • Darts can cause damage to targets that are hit with darts. This damage-over-time effect applies direct damage to the target’s health and bypasses any shields.
    • 10 health damage per tick.
    • For a total damage of 80, there are 8 ticks in total over 7 seconds.
    • Each subsequent hit will refresh the effect’s duration, but it does not affect the damage per tick.
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Poison Dart Trap Tips & Tricks

  • This should be placed in a hallway so that people can stumble upon it unexpectedly from farther away. This will mainly be useful for catching people off guard as they walk down corridors. People are more comfortable looking for traps above their heads than worrying about going down hallways.
  • If someone is struck multiple times, the damage does not stack. It only refreshes its duration, which is seven seconds.
  • This can cause 80 damage over the course of time so people are not going to die immediately after being hit. However, you will need to take care and make good shots at someone.
  • The storm does not cause damage to the health, and it bypasses all shields.