Fortnite Pistol Tips Guide (Season 9) – PNG, Damage, Stats

Fortnite Pistol Tips Guide (Season 9) – PNG, Damage, Stats

Fortnite Pistol Tip Guide will guide you through all you need to learn about this rarely used weapon type. We have information on damage, stats, and dps. You also find out which pistols were vaulted. You can even use PNGs for some of your projects.

Pistols will be the most used weapon in the game. This isn’t unreasonable. However, they can be a good third option if your shotgun and assault rifle are already in use. There are three options: the Hand Cannon, Dual Pistols and the Suppressed. Each has its own uses. The Hand Cannon is useful for breaking up structures. Dual Pistols can also be used as close-ranged weapons. Finally, the Suppressed Pistol may be used to replace an SMG.

Fortnite Pistol Damage & Stats

Pistols are 2x more damaging than other guns and have 100% accuracy for the first shot. This is because if you hold ads and stay still, the crosshairs will connect and your next shot will be accurate.

Flint-Knock Pistol

This thing can fire like a cannon. It can knock your opponent back, and it can also knock back you. This weapon does great damage but must be reloaded after each shot. This is the same as the Hand Cannon in lower rarity.

  • Flint-Knock Pistol, Common: 86 to body, 172 headshot damage.
  • Flint-Knock Pistol Uncommon: 90 to the body and 180 head shot damage

Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon has had its ups and downs. It was once a powerful weapon. It was great at first but then it was nerfed so that it didn’t get much use. It was upgraded and can cause a lot damage to environment objects. It was popular as an option to easily break down structures. It has been relegated to a reasonable option, which can still be useful for breaking up structures.

  • Hand Cannon (Epic – 75 to your body, 150 headshot damage, 60 DPS.
  • Hand Cannon (Legendary). – 78 to your body, 156 damage from head shots, 62.4 DPS.
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It is widely regarded as one the most dangerous weapons in Fortnite. These are not the best weapons to have as your first weapon.

  • Pistol (Common), – 23 to body, 46 head shot injury, 155.25 DPS.
  • Pistol (Uncommon), 24 to the body with 48 headshot damage and 162 DPS.


To be effective, the revolver requires a lot of skill. It did improve with the first shot accuracy update, which makes it easier to hit head shots if you have enough time.

  • Common Revolver – 54 to the Body, 108 Head Shot Damage.
  • Revolver (Uncommon), 57 damage to the body and 114 headshot damage.
  • Revolver (Rare) – 60 to the body, 120 head shot damage.
  • Revolver (Epic), – 63 to your body, 126 damage from head shots
  • Revolver (Legendary). – 66 damage to the body, and 132 damage to the head.

Suppressed Pistol

It is somewhat underrated, but if you have a weak loading, this can supplement it as an option. It is faster than the standard pistol and has a higher accuracy.

The rarities of the Suppressed Pistol were reduced from Epic and Legendary, to Rare and Epic in 5.4 Patch.

  • Suppressed Pistol – 26 to body, 52 headshot damage, 175.5 DPS.
  • Suppressed Pistol – 28 to body, 56 headshot damage, 189 DPS.

Vaulted Pistols List

Dual Pistols

Both pistols can fire at once, but they lack the ability to accurately aim for the first shot. The bloom can make the pistols a little erratic, but they are quite powerful. They have medium ammo.

The rarities for the Dual Pistols went from Epic and Legendary down to Rare and Epic with the 5.4 Patch.

  • Dual Pistol (Rare), 41 to the body with 82 head shot damage and 162.36 DPS.
  • Dual Pistol (Epic), 43 to the body with 86 headshot damage and 170.28 DPS.

Scoped Revolver

Scoped Revolver is a pistol class that offers a longer range and a better mid-to long range option. It is not as effective as the Hand Cannon, but it does fill a niche role in the loadout for those who are short on range options.

  • Scoped Revolver, (Epic) – 42 to the body with 84 head shot damage and 67.2 DPS.
  • Scoped Revolver – 44 to body, 88 damage from headshots, 70.4 DPS.
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Six Shooter

The Six Shooter can be used in a similar fashion to the Revolver. But, the Six Shooter allows you to shoot faster from the hip without having to focus on the sights. ADS will allow you to get accurate shots very quickly.

  • Six Shooter (Uncommon): 34 to the body, 68 head shot damage.
  • Six Shooter (Rare): 36 to the body, 72 head shot damage.
  • Six Shooter (Epic): 38 to the body, 76 head shot damage.

Fortnite Pistol Tips & Tricks

I have placed the pistols where I think they most overlap. The suppressed pistol, and the hand cannon, however are far superior guns.

General Pistol Tip

  • This is obvious, but you should always aim at your head. If you don’t hit head shots, it’s not going to be possible to kill someone quickly and win against the shotgun. With a gray pistol, a body shot and two heads will kill a 100-hp enemy. If you play often, this will become a regular scenario. Get used to the pistol if possible.
  • Pistols are very fast to fire, so they can be used as a third option. The Hand Cannon works well for blasting through walls. While the Suppressed Pistol does some damage to the head, it also fires quickly.

Hand Cannon Tips

  • You have to be very careful with your shot as there is a significant delay between shots. If you are fighting close to the line, chances are that you will only be able to get one shot.
  • Take advantage of the first shot accuracy whenever possible. This gun can cause significant damage to the head so don’t aim at it unless you are certain that the person is hurt.
  • Even though you won’t be able to get a perfect shot, try sneaking out of cover and taking a shot. These can be used like a shotgun, but with better range.
  • This makes the shotgun great for close-range fighting. The hand cannon can be used to blow up walls, then you can switch to the shotgun for a quick shot at your opponent.

Fortnite Pistol – PNGs

These are some Pistols in PNG format so that you can use them in your projects. Click to enlarge, credit to Epic Games