Fortnite Parkour Maps Codes List – Best Creative Mode Parkour Codes! (June 2022)

Fortnite Parkour Maps Codes List – Best Creative Mode Parkour Codes! (June 2022)

Fortnite Parkour Maps Codes List contains some of Fortnite’s most impressive parkour style maps. You can find both easy school maps that will teach you the basics and more difficult maps that will challenge your platform jumping skills.

Parkour maps look very similar to Deathrun maps. Players must make skillful leaps in order to progress. The main difference between them is that Deathruns have a more linear path and are more easy to follow, while parkour maps require more planning and are more complex. There will likely be some Deathrun maps below, as they offer the best of both!

Parkour Maps Best

This is our complete list of Fortnite’s best Parkour maps.

The Shortlist

  • Parkour Skills Deathrun – 8911-34292-9121
  • Fast Parkour: 0887-5222-3333
  • 12th Hour’s Skyline Parkour 8179-2745-881
  • Infinite Parkour: 7004-5908-4189
  • Easy Rainbow Funrun: 1025-0916-0505
  • Ruination Slide/Parkour Deadrun: 1564-5327-724
  • High Tower Escape 3 : 9922-6888-3041
  • FFA Parkour Wars: 9534-984-6627

Parkour Skills Deathrun

The map was called Beauty Deathrun in order to reflect the beautiful atmosphere it creates for its players. It has been renamed to its current title so that players don’t think aesthetics are all that is great about the map. Because of its incredible level design and parkour placement, it has found its way onto Fortnite’s Discovery tab. This allows players to appreciate their surroundings while still being challenged.

Code: 8911-3482-9121

Image via ChaseJackman

Fast Parkour

This map will give you a parkour experience that is both real and challenging. It was designed to be compatible with the new Parkour mechanics of sprinting and sliding. You can beat this progressive map, but it isn’t linear like many deathruns and other Parkour maps. Instead, the idea is to find the fastest way to get from Point A and Point B.

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Code: 0887-5222-3332

12th Hour’s Skyline Parkour

Skyline Parkour shares strong similarities with Mirror’s Edge. The goal is to find the fastest route, while also avoiding being shot at by guards. This map will test your speed and ability to avoid bullets.

Code: 8179-2745-8881

Infinite Parkour

This map is one of our favorite Creative maps. You will be competing against other players to win a randomly-generated parkour course. You will be given a random assortment of mini parkour courses each round. Your goal is to reach the top and avoid being swept away by rising lava. You earn coins as you play the game. These coins can be used to buy advantages or sabotage against other players.

Code: 7004-5908-4189

Easy Rainbow Funrun

This route is great for those who enjoy a casual game with friends and want to parkour. Because it does not require as much focus as the more difficult parkourw, this map is great for parties. Easy Rainbow Funrun feels more like a well-designed rollercoaster than a challenging parkour experience.

Code: 1025-0916-0505

Ruination Slide/Parkour Deadrun

Chapter 3 Season 1 introduced sliding, and this map is the first to incorporate it into its parkour mechanic. To reach difficult spots, you will need to use speed-boosting and jumps that are well timed. This map doesn’t offer any kind of learning curve and is very difficult to start with. But this map is the first of its type. This map is the first to use the slide mechanic to help parkour maps make a comeback.

Code: 1564-5327-0724

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High Tower Escape 3

High Tower Escape 3 technically is an Escape Room. However, it is comparable to the original parkour maps of yesteryear. Your goal is to climb through many levels by solving room puzzles, finding hidden paths and making difficult jumps. This series will test your parkour skills and brain power. The previous installments have been included in this series to give you more parkour to enjoy!

  • High Tower Escape 3 : 1564-5327 – 0724
  • High Tower Escape 2: 749-0705-3637
  • High Tower Escape 1: 1426-9117 0036

FFA Parkour Wars

FFA Parkour Wars doesn’t require any fancy or extravagant equipment. We wanted to include it on the list as it’s a fun way to have some fun with friends and a warm-up for Battle Royale. The course is short and sweet—the only challenge you’ll have is making it to the end before anyone else. The first player to reach the end gains access to a range of weapons which they can use against other players to ridicule them for not getting there before you. It’s an ideal party game because it supports up 16 players.

Code: 9534-9804-6627

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These are the only maps we currently have! You can check back often to see new maps as they become available from the Fortnite content community.

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