Fortnite Neymar Quest Guide: How to Score a Goal with the Soccer Ball Toy as Neymar Jr

Fortnite Neymar Quest Guide: How to Score a Goal with the Soccer Ball Toy as Neymar Jr

Epic Games has created several quests that are related to Neymar Jr., the Brazilian soccer legend. We will be covering how to score Neymar Jr’s goal.

How to Score a Goal With the Soccer Ball Toy As Neymar Jr

The most important thing is to understand that you must unlock the Neymar Jr. Outfit. If you have the Battle Pass, this outfit will not automatically unlock.

Five quests must be completed by players from the island soccer team to unlock it. These quests are simple and require little effort. To complete them, you simply need to approach one of the soccer players on the island and talk with them. You can complete most of them in under a minute. If you want to, you can return with the same soccer player and get a second quest.

After you’ve done this five times, the Neymar Jr. outfit can be unlocked. You can access your locker via the main menu. Once you have changed your outfit to Neymar Jr., enter another match.

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Selecting the Soccer Ball Toy Emote in FortniteSelecting the Soccer Ball Toy Emote in Fortnite

Place your foot near the goal and walk towards it. To open your emote menu, press your emote button. The Soccer Ball Toy Emoticon should pull up the tab with Toys if it is enabled. If it doesn’t, you can switch to the Toy tab.

Choose the Soccer Ball Toy Emote from the above image. If Neymar is aiming for the goal, he’ll kick the ball towards the goal and mark the quest as completed.

You’ll be able to unlock Neymar Jr.’s Jaguar Strike pickaxe if you do it right! Complete all Neymar’s quests in order to get his complete set.

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