Fortnite Lost Coin Creative Hub Location

Fortnite Lost Coin Creative Hub Location

LundleYT has created a new hub for creativity, which was released August 11, 2020. It is an exquisite map that has an old world Asian vibe. It’s a village mainly made from wood. It features many beautiful bridges as well as great detail. You will need to find the lost coin.

To locate the missing coin, you’ll need to explore the creative hub and search for clues that will guide you. It’s not hard, and if you stick to the clues you will find it very easy. We have details below for those who are having difficulty.

Find the sign that will lead you to the next step. This sign is located just to the left side of the central map’s gold portal.

The temple is the first hint. To locate the temple, simply run up the steps to the right and then cross the bridge to the middle of the area.

Next, we need to locate the garden near the shrine. Continue to the right, cross the bridge and then turn left. Follow the path that runs along the garden. You will find the sign with next clue in the middle area of the fenced garden.

Where would you expect to find the clue? This means that you will be able to find the next clue from the sign that started us on our journey. It’s located just to the left from the golden portal.

We now need to find an octopus and some apples. To find the fourth hint, go straight through the middle of the map. Follow the staircase that leads you through the matchmaking area.

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Jump over the fence, and then crouch underneath the bridge. It will be obvious that there is nothing unusual about this scene.

If you keep your back straight, however, you’ll fall into the secret passage where you can find the coin.

This is it! Just collect the coin, and you’re done.

Check out this video to see where you can go if you’ve got lost.