Fortnite Lazy Lake Floating Ring Locations

Fortnite Lazy Lake Floating Ring Locations

Fortnite Season 3’s week 3 challenges will require you to find four floating rings in Lazy lake. This challenge is easy and fast because we have all the locations for you to find them! We’ve got images and a map showing exactly where you should go.

Learn more about the challenges this week in our guide. We are also compiling information regarding everything to do in the new battle pass. Season 3 Guide!

All Lazy Lakes Floating Ring Locations

Lazy lake is a very well-known area. It’s located northeast of Misty Meadows. It makes for a great landing spot.

Lazy Lake Entry

Lazy lake can be reached by following the road to its east. You’ll find a gate there. The first ring that you want to collect is located just above the gate. Although you should be able jump to grab it, you might need to create a ramp.

Between Buildings

You will find the ring between two buildings on the north side, at the No Sweat Insurance Building. It will take some time to gather it and you may need to climb up to get to the roof.

Over the Tree

You will see a large tree in the middle Lazy Lake. There is also a ring floating above it. Either fly in and grab it, or build it from the No Sweat Insurance Building!

Big Shots

The Big Shots Building is located to the south of Lazy lake. You will also find the last floating ring in its back!

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You might have difficulty finding any of these? Check out this video, which shows a more precise route to each location.