Fortnite Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake, Flopper Pond Locations

Fortnite Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake, Flopper Pond Locations

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Let’s have a look at the location of Lake Canoe and Lazy Lakes. Fishing is part of the adventure. Cameo vs. Chic Overtime Mission. It should be possible to do this in one game. However, the areas are quite far apart.

Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake and Flopper Pond Locations Map

It’s possible to go to all these places in one game. However, it’s much easier to split it up. This is why I prefer Team Rumble. You get the glider, and you can travel a lot more. Another option is to rent a boat in the Lazy Lake area.

Flopper Pond

Flopper Pond is found in the middle-of-nowhere to the east from Holly Hedges. It is a tiny fishing hole located on the east side of Holly Hedges.

Lazy Lake

Lazy Lake is a small town. However, you will need to be on the water directly west to receive credit for this challenge.

Lake Canoe

Lake Canoe can be found directly north of Retail Row. It is a nice sized area, with an island in its middle where you can find a barrel of fishing rods.

More information on these challenges can be found in our Season 11 Overtime Challenges Guide!

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