Fortnite Jennifer Walters Challenges – How to get She-Hulk!

Fortnite Jennifer Walters Challenges – How to get She-Hulk!

Fortnite players who want to complete the She-Hulk Awakening tasks will need to complete several tasks. Players will need to go to certain locations and smash vases. They also have the opportunity of eliminating henchmen. The guide below will show you how to transform into She-Hulk.

Attain level 29 on the Battle Pass

To unlock She-Hulk, you must first level up your Battle Pass to Level 29 in order to unlock Jennifer Walters’ outfit. This can be done by playing the game or taking part in daily challenges that will give you bonus experience. If you’re in a rush, you could also purchase Battle Pass levels until you reach level 29. Check out our website if you need to quickly level up. how to level up fast guide!

Visit Jennifer Walter’s office as Jennifer Walters

The next step in completing the She-Hulk challenges is equipping your Jennifer Walters outfit and finding Jennifer Walter’s office in-game. It’s easy to complete this challenge. All you have to do is go into Retail Row and count it.

You will find the house in quadrant G-6’s top right corner, close to the North West section at Retail Row.

She-hulk challange 1 zoomedShe-hulk challange 1 zoomed

Eliminate 3 of Doctor Doom’s henchmen as Jennifer Walters

For this step, you will be in your Jennifer Walters outfit again, and this time you will go to the location, Doom’s Domain (formerly known as Pleasant Park). Once there, you will have to eliminate 3 of Doctor Doom’s henchmen to complete this part of the challenge.

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She hulk Challenge 2 mapShe hulk Challenge 2 map

You will find the henchmen all around the area, so be careful when landing there. Be extra careful when dropping directly into Doom’s Domain, because the henchman spawn armed, and if you don’t find good weapons fast, they could take you out.

She hulk Challenge 2 zoomedShe hulk Challenge 2 zoomed

After smashing Vases, Jennifer Walters emotes

The last challenge is the most complicated, but don’t worry, this guide will make it a breeze. Set out again in your Jennifer WaltersIn order to complete the outfit, you’ll need to find and smash vases spawning in various places on the map. To complete the She-Hulk challenges, you will only need to break one vase.

She hulk challenge 3 mapShe hulk challenge 3 map

You can drop a vase from the bottom corner at Camp Cod in quadrant 8 (Camp Cod). Near some Camp Cod targets, the vases can be found near the center. Smash the vase and emote to make it disappear! You’ve completed the Jennifer Walters challenges.

She hulk challenge 3 zoomedShe hulk challenge 3 zoomed

Shoutout to The X-Treme Guy, credit for the in-game images. Check out his amazing video guide on the challenges.