Fortnite Hungry Gnomes Locations – All of the Spots

Fortnite Hungry Gnomes Locations – All of the Spots

We first found some hidden gnomes. This time, we’re searching for Hungry Gnomes. Below you’ll find descriptions and locations for all the hungry gnomes.

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Fortnite Hungry Gnome Spots

Here is a map showing all the Hungry Gnomes that you will find on the island. If you’re close to them, they will make a distinct “yum, Yum, Yum” sound.

  • Salty Springs: You will find a gnome at the soda station.
  • Risky Reels: On the west side of Risky Reels you’ll find a concession stand, behind the counter is the Gnome.
  • Greasy Grove is located in the main restaurant (Durr Burger), and can be found in the basement behind some wooden boxes and beside a barrel.
  • Pleasant Park: He’s located in the back corner, near the shelves, at the gas station.
  • Tomato Town – He can be found behind the counter on the first floor corner of the main restaurant, Pizza Place.
  • Lucky Landing: You can find this gnome on the first-floor kitchen, just next to the fridge, far back in the area.
  • Retail Row: Go to Noms grocery and then go to the northern portion of the block where you will find the gnome behind the crates.
  • South Retail Row Gas Station. You’ll find the gnome in front of the checkout stand at the gas station.
  • Soccer Field West of Tilted towers: The gnome is waiting in the taco shop north of the soccer pitch.
  • Tilted Towers – You can find a gnome at the back of the Noms convenience store (small brick building located just north Trump Tower/Castle).
  • Moisty Mire is located on the set of the film. The gnome can also be found in the area for food.
  • Northern Soccer Stadium: The gnome will be located in the food area at the soccer stadium’s north east corner.
  • South of Shifty Shafts – The small town with BIG Wooden Chairs has a gnome at the taco shop.
  • North West of Flush Factory: In the big disco area, head to the food area and you will find another hungry gnome behind the counter!
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