The How-to Unlock Prisoner Stages Guide will show you where to look for all the items that you need to unlock the full skin. You will need to locate three additional stages in order to unlock this amazing skin.

The Prisoner skin can be obtained if you complete 60 Fortnite Season 7 challenges. This is the most detailed skin that we have seen among the hidden unlockable options. It’s well worth the requirements and probably the best of all previous skins. The Padlock Back Bling is also available to unlock. While you can usually earn a stage or have them unlocked automatically, The Prisoner needed a little more effect to unlock all stages.

Unlocking the Prisoner Stages

We know there are three additional stages available for The Prisoner skin. You can unlock the default option, but there are three more options.

Stage 1 (Default), 60 challenges in Season 7.

The standard skin is only the first stage. To unlock it, you will need to complete 60 challenges during Season 7. Before you can unlock the skin, you must first unlock it.

Stage 2: Locate the Key

You will need the key to unlock the first stage of the skin. It’s easy to find. It’s located in the castle at the top of Polar Peak. It’s located on the top floor of the building. It’s on a small table with an ornate book, books and other medieval items. It won’t be visible until you get near the table. Once you are close enough, the key will appear and you can use the interact key to access it.

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After you have grabbed the key, your skin will change to the second stage. After the game is finished, you will see that the style has been unlocked. You can then change the default stage to the second.

Here’s Stage 2 of the skin.

Stage 3: Campfire at the Desert Biome Campfire

This is easy. Just go to Paradise Palms’ campfire and interact with it. Here is a map showing the exact location:

Here’s Stage 3:

Stage 4: North of Wailing Woods Ring of Fire

The Prisoner’s final stage is now available! You will find several lanterns unlit in the north-eastern part of Wailing Woods. You can find the final stage by going into this area. Below is a map that will show you exactly where it is.

Here is a look into the fourth and final stage.


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