Fortnite How to Salute Deadpool’s Pants

Fortnite How to Salute Deadpool’s Pants

You’ll need some pants if you want to get the X-Force Deadpool look. Once you’re there, we’ll show how to salute Deadpool’s pants. This is not too hard and you don’t require anything extra to complete it.

How to salute Deadpool’s pants

By simply going to any of the six locations marked on the map, you can salute Deadpool’s pants and interact with them. You do not need the Salute Emote. This seems to be a common misconception. Emotes are not required. You can interact with them and use them.

Deadpool’s Pants Locations

We know of six locations where you can salute Deadpool’s pants. These are scattered all over the place, but you only have to complete the challenge once. They are located at Sweaty Sands (The Yacht, The Agency), Dirty Docks(The Agency), Slurpy Swamp) and the mountain east Misty Meadows (The Agency).

Some of these places are more difficult than others. The Agency is a high-up flag pole so I wouldn’t recommend it. Sweaty Sands can be found on a roof of a building, The Yacht is at the front of the boat and Dirty Docks is next to a larger flagpole. Slurpy Swamp can be found right on the keg. The Agency would be my favorite.

After you have saluted your pants, you are free to leave the game. You will still have the X-Force style!

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