Fortnite: How to Get & Unlock Gold Styles

Fortnite: How to Get & Unlock Gold Styles

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If you are wondering how to unlock the golden styles in Fortnite Chapter 2 : Season 2, we will give you all the details you need. The new skins have a gold style, which is relatively easy but requires some grinding.

How to Unlock the Golden Styles

It’s really easy, all you have to do is level up your battle pass. Once you have reached a certain level, the golden style will be available for that skin. To unlock the golden style of a skin, you must reach certain levels.

  • Midas: 100 Levels. (Full Gold Level 140).
  • Brutus: 140 Levels. (Full Gold Level 180).
  • Meowscles: 180 Levels (Full Gold: Level 220)
  • TNTina: 220 Levels (Full Gold: Level 260)
  • Skye: 260 Levels (Full gold: Level 300).
  • Agent Peely: 300 Levels (Full Gold: Level 350)

The way levels are set up won’t give you a golden style that you can use for a while, even if you’re normal leveling. At battle pass tier 1, you get the Agent Peely Skin, but you won’t unlock the golden style until level 300. The Midas skin is not available until Tier 100, but the golden style can be obtained at Level 100.

How to gain XP

If you want to gain xp and unlock these styles, you’ll need to play the game for a while. Complete all daily challenges and the weekly challenges. You can also look out for XP coins on the map. To maximize your experience, you can also fill out your punch cards each day. Because the games are more long and you can get a lot of eliminations, Team Rumble is one way to get experience.

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There are many details about the challenges and tasks you can accomplish with our website. Fortnite Season 2 Guide!