Fortnite: How-to Get the Minty Pickaxe

Fortnite: How-to Get the Minty Pickaxe

We are going to show you how to get Fortnite’s Minty Pickaxe. This item is quite popular in Fortnite, so we are trying to clarify the situation so you can obtain one.

Release Date for Minty Pickaxe

The official release date for Minty Pickaxe 2019 was November 6th. Any of the available models can be purchased. officially licensed Fortnite merchandise in-storeYou will only be able to get one while stocks last. You can check with your local store to find out if they participate and if there are still any available.

Where is it available?

The Minty Pickaxe promotion code will be distributed at selected retailers in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland. It can also be found in France, Germany. Italy. Australia/New Zealand. If you have bought an official Fortnite product in store, these codes will be available for free. Based on your country, here are the locations you can find them:

United States

  • GameStop
  • Amazon 4-star/Amazon Books retail stores
  • Target


  • EB Games/GameStop

United Kingdom 

  • GAME
  • Hamleys
  • Smyths
  • GameStop


  • Smyths
  • GameStop


  • Micromania/Zing
  • C&A


  • GameStop
  • Smyths
  • C&A


  • GameStop

Australia/New Zealand

  • GameStop/EB Games


How to Get a Code

To get a code, you must purchase a Fortnite licensed product in-store at a participating store in your country. Either a card or the code may appear on your receipt. You should call to confirm that the store where you are going will have them.

Are they still available?

They are still available. For confirmation, call the listed stores in your area.

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How did they get there so early?

Minty Code Card Credit: XotOcean

The codes you saw floating around were wrongly given to individuals who visited certain GameStop locations within the US.

I got a code but didn’t get anything.

Contact us Fortnite Customer ServiceIf your code doesn’t work, let Epic know. Epic can help you if your code doesn’t work for any reason. I have heard of people mentioning a bug in which they entered a code that didn’t work.

Don’t ask for a code from the comments!

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