Fortnite: How to Get Keycards

Fortnite: How to Get Keycards

Fortnite Chapter 2’s Season 2 also has keycards. These are drops that you can use to get into vaults, which can lead you to some very sweet loot. These drops will require you to take on a risky mission, but once you have them you’ll be able to swim in weapons and shields.

How to find keycards

By defeating a boss in each area, you can get keycards. These include The Shark, The Yacht and The Grotto. To be eligible for one, you’ll need to battle Turrets, Henchmen and other players. These bosses and henchmen can only be found in regular modes of the game. They are not available in Team Rumble.

It is a good idea to disguise yourself before entering the area. This is important because the boss or any Henchmen will not attack you if you hide your identity. You can find an NPC in any of these places if you look closely. They will be easy to recognize, as each boss is one you can get by completing your Battle Pass. Below is a list of each boss’ locations:

There are other options available if they are not there (they could be in several different places), and you need some help locating them. You can find a Henchman to knock them down. You can shakedown the Henchman by running over to their body. Your screen will display a few icons. One of these icons will be a red crown. This is the location for the boss! Go to the crown and remove them! The NPC is not difficult to defeat, but they can pack quite a punch so be careful.

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After you have knocked them down finish the job, and they will drop a card! You can also get one of these weapons/items from them that corresponds to your boss:

These keys are very strong so if you have the space, consider getting one! You now have the keycard. What are you going to do with it? It is used to unlock the vault nearby. You can find the vault by selecting the keycard from your inventory. This is similar to the Treasure Maps of a few seasons ago. To open the vault, locate the nearest terminal and use the keycard!

If you are having trouble getting a card, try going to a different location or waiting a while before entering. Grab some loot and gear up, and then let the others fight it out. Then you can either take out weaker players or get the weapons needed to fight the NPCs.

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