Fortnite How to Get Firefly Jars

Fortnite How to Get Firefly Jars

Firefly jars were discovered in the files when Season 3 was launched. But they were not yet included to the game. They can now be found with a hotfix! They are a little confusing as they don’t look like other items in Fortnite. We’ll be looking at how to obtain and use Firefly Jars!

Guide to Firefly Jars

We don’t have a lot to be certain about right now because we don’t have much information about Firefly Jars. Here’s what we do know:

  • Firefly Jars can be collected by searching for Fireflies that are flying around and allowing you to collect them.
  • Fireflies only spawn during night cycles, so they won’t appear during the day.
  • Spawns tend to be located near trees or wooded areas and may appear to show up frequently around campfires.

They will fly around in small areas when they spawn. To bottle them, you can stand near them and press the collect button.

They don’t fear you, so you don’t have to be sneaky. The flies are easy to spot. They will buzz and flicker in orange light.

Firefly Jar

Once you have a Jar, you can throw it just like any other grenade. It can be thrown from a distance of quite a bit. It can burn any wood item in its vicinity and spread the fire to nearby wooden structures. Although it may sometimes cause the fire to go out, it could take a while before it does. You and other players can be damaged by the fire. Avoid the flames as much possible.

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If you believe a player may have one of these, you will want to switch to other building materials. Because wood can easily be destroyed by flames, this encourages players to use their other materials. You’ll need to be more careful when playing in night matches.

We know very little about the Firefly Jars. We will update this guide with any additional information. Let me know if there is any additional information you can provide in the comments.