Is Fortnite down? Here’s how to check Server Status

Is Fortnite down? Here’s how to check Server Status

Update 2/1/2022 Epic Games has yet to comment on the issue. If you have tried to access the Internet but were unable to do so, Epic Games recommends that you log on once every 15 minutes to verify that they have resolved the issue. You can also try the other options below.

With over 350 million registered players, it’s a marvel that Epic Games maintains the Fortnite servers with minimal hiccups. Online games are susceptible to crashing because of server issues, scheduled maintenance, or other reasons. Epic Games however is consistently consistent. It is important to know how to check Fortnite’s server status when the Battle Bus stops flying.

There are three tried-and-true methods to check the Fortnite server status when the game isn’t running properly:

  • The Epic Games Public StatusWebsite 
  • The FortniteServer Status TwitterPage
  • The Fortnite DowndetectorWebsite
  • Fortnite Server Status- Epic Games Public Status 

    Most likely, the Epic Games Public Status page will be your only visit. Epic Games offers a comprehensive look at Fortnite’s services. Not only does it let you know if the game itself is operational, but it breaks the game’s services down even further. The Epic Games Public Status website allows you to view individual Fortnite services’ status, including:

    • Website
    • Services in Gaming
    • Login
    • Parties, Friends, or Messaging
    • Voice Chat
    • Matchmaking
    • Stats and Leaderboards
    • Shop for Items

    So in the event that one of these services goes offline, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire game will be offline. Server problems are unpredictable and can happen at any time, unless there is a scheduled maintenance. 

    Additionally, Epic Games provides over a month’s worth informative past incidents.

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    Fortnite Server Status – FortniteStatus Twitter page

    Epic Games’ FortniteStatus Twitter is great for receiving instant Fortnite server status updates. Epic Games provides great updates. They even retweet posts from Xbox Support accounts. 

    Push notifications can be opted in to for Fortnite players who are particularly dedicated. These push notifications will go directly to your mobile phone. Follow the Twitter account to see a Bell icon. You can click the Bell icon to get notifications whenever FortniteStatus posts. It’s a great tool.

    Fortnite Server Status – Downdetector

    Fortnite Downdetector is an alternative to Epic Games Public Status and FortniteStatus Twitter accounts that have failed to update. The Fortnite Downdetector website is a good last resort because it provides so much information. 

    Downdetector, which collects online outage data through real-time user reports, is reliable. Sometimes, you may log in to Fortnite just before or during a server outage. Epic Games might not have had enough time to send reports through the official feeds. Downdetector can be used to see if any other players reported outages similar to yours. 

    It’s always important to understand how to check the Fortnite server status if you suspect something off with the game. You will be able to play more and spend less time trying unsuccessfully to log into Fortnite. With all that downtime, you can instead check out Fortnite’s rarest glidersAnd the rarest emotes. 

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