Fortnite Highest Mountain Location – Get the Hazard Style!

Fortnite Highest Mountain Location – Get the Hazard Style!

Let’s take a look at the top mountain locations in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1. Why would you want this information? If you are looking for the Hazard alter-ego skin, then you must visit the summit.

Journey with Hazard Style

Hazard Style

This is the second style of the aforementioned. Alter Ego ChallengesNow, the third week’s challenges are out! To unlock the Battle Pass skins, you will need to complete some challenges. These are the Journey challenges:

  • Stage 1: Attain Level 1
  • Stage 2: Complete 3 Missions
  • Stage 3: Summit Mount Everest in the Journey Outfit (1)

This leads us to look for the highest mountain.

Fortnite Highest Mountain Location

Mount Kay is the highest peak on the map right now. Mount Kay is located south of Lazy Lake. If you glide to the summit, you will see an orange flag waving. You can either land or climb to this spot, and you will complete the challenge. Remember to put on the Journey costume!

If you land in the right spot, here’s how it will look! Look out for the orange flags and gas canisters.

Your skin will change to the Hazard version once you have landed on the spot!

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