Fortnite Healing & Shields: Everything You Need to Know About Med Kits, Shield Potions, Bandages, Camp Fires, Chug Jugs!

Fortnite Healing & Shields: Everything You Need to Know About Med Kits, Shield Potions, Bandages, Camp Fires, Chug Jugs!

You will need to learn everything you can about healing and shields if you want to compete in Fortnite: Battle Royale. This guide will give you all the information you need to be able to recover from the wounds sustained in battle.

Fortnite Healing & Shields Basics

Here’s some of the very basic information you need to know about healing & shields in Fortnite!


Bandages can only heal 75 hp. They are the most common thing in your loadout. If you don’t want to have multiple healing options, bandages should be the first thing you carry.

  • Drops in stacks up to 5.
  • Maximum stack is 15.
  • The average time it takes to apply a bandage is 4 seconds
  • Each bandage is able to heal for 15 HP
  • Bandages are not able to heal more than 75 hp.

Med Kit

You can get 100% HP from med kits. These kits can be time-consuming so you shouldn’t try them if your need is quick.

  • Drop 1 at a Time
  • Maximum stack is 3.
  • The use of a medkit takes only 10 seconds.
  • Each med kit provides 100% of your hp.

Cozy Campfire

Campfire is different from all the other options. It can be classified in your traps, placed on the ground and will heal you or your teammates, as long it is within your reach. You can put down two of these if you’re really in dire need of healing.

  • Drop 1 at a Time
  • Stacks your trap inventory to ensure there isn’t a maximum.
  • Placement can be done immediately on the ground/floor
  • Campfires can provide 50 hp of healing.
  • It ticks at 2 HP per second for 25 seconds.
  • Anyone who is in its vicinity (even enemies!) can be healed.).

Slurp Juice

Slurp Juice has been updated with the 5.10 update. It now heals up to 75 HP, but it will also give you shield if you’re low on health. Slurps now have a significant buff and are more useful. You might consider keeping them over big or small shield potions. If you have more than one, I would recommend keeping them over a stack of minis and big shield potions. But this is just a fringe situation.

  • Drop 1 at a Time
  • Maximum stack is 2
  • It takes just 2 seconds to make slurp juice.
  • Gain 1 health for every 0.5 seconds up to a maximum total of 75 Shield will be granted if health is exhausted.

Small Shield Potion

Each small shield potion provides 25 shields. However, you can’t use them more than 50 times. These can be used quickly, making them great for use in the middle of battle. You should drink these small shield potions first before you try any other.

  • Drops in stacks up to 3.
  • Maximum stack is 6.
  • The use of a small shield potion only takes 2 seconds.
  • Each small shield potion gives you 25 shield.
  • With these, you can’t go beyond 50 shield.
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Shield Potion

You get 50 shields with the original shield. These shields are slower than the smaller version, but can be used up to 100 times. In the 5.4 Fortnite patch, the maximum stack size for the Shield Potion was raised to 3.

  • Drops in a stack 1
  • Maximum stack is 3.
  • Use a shield potion in 5 seconds
  • Each shield potion gives you 50 shield.

Chug Jug

Fortnite Battle Royale’s newest addition is the chug-jug. You get 100% health and shield. However, it takes 15 seconds to drink. This rare and legendary gem is very hard to find, but it’s extremely powerful when it does.

  • Drops in a stack 1
  • Maximum stack is 1.
  • It takes just 15 seconds to use a chug-jug.
  • Protects your health 100%

Fortnite Healing & Shields Hierarchy

You might be wondering which of the shields & healing items you should keep if you are faced with a decision between one or the other. Let’s take a look at how they compare to each other.

Bandages < Med Kit < Slurp Juice = Small Shield Potion < Shield Potion < Chug Jug

Bandages are, by far, the least effective and should be given up as soon as possible to make room for other options. A shield is almost always better than healing. This is because your shields will be replenished more than your health. Technically, slurp is better than a small shield potion. But, in most cases, you’ll just use the slurp as soon as you find it. Once it’s been buff, however, you might still keep a few of them over a low stack small shields. These shields are ideal for those who take some damage and need to quickly heal, especially since they can provide 25 shields in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes I prefer small shields to a full shield potion. These are usually times when I feel I will be in another battle soon and have a lot of small shields. Because they are more easily shared with teammates, they work well in squads and duos.

Chug Jug can be described as a monster and the best in slot items in healing or shielding. You should not use the Chug Jug if you’re going to be needing to heal during battle. It is less likely that you will have time to pop your chug in a situation near the end of a game.

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Two slots can be dedicated to healing or shields. Three guns are usually sufficient in most cases.

Fortnite Healing Information & FAQ

  • You should always use bandages before drinking slurp juice. To make sure you don’t waste any of your slurp juice’s hp, you want to hit the 75 hp mark with the bandages.
  • Campfires are important! While you might already have one, it is possible that there could be a trap or launchpad in the slot. This makes it easy to forget. These are very useful for emergency healing, or getting to 100 hp if only you have bandages.
  • You might grab some low-cost bandages if you feel the storm approaching and are certain you will be caught in it. If you are able to time the storm correctly, you can get through it. Based on where you are in the circle, the storm can cause different amounts of damage. It also causes more damage once it is over. Be sure to estimate how much healing you will need and when you can stop to heal up before you continue running.

Fortnite Shields Information & FAQ

  • You can always get shield damage if you are hurt by another player.
  • Shields are not designed to protect you against falling damage or storm damage. You might find yourself in situations where your shield is high and you have very little HP. This puts you at risk of falling damage in storms or battles. It doesn’t matter how much shield you have, if you reach 0 HP you will be knocked out or the game ends.
  • Keep the extra small shield potion handy! I’ve seen players lose the extra small shield from stacks in the past. This is one of the most valuable items you can find in the game. There’s a good chance that you will need it at some time.
  • Use small shield potions first before you use big shield potion or slurpy juice. To use small shields, you must reach the 50 shield mark. This could lead to some of the larger shields being wasted.
  • It is best to use whatever shield you can find in the beginning of a match if there is no fight. It is better to save a little shield to survive than to give your enemy the consumable. You should not loot more if you feel safe.
  • It is worth drinking it if you have already received healing. You can stop someone else getting it. And if you do take any damage, it will still heal you.