Fortnite: Golden Mushroom – How-to Find It!

Fortnite: Golden Mushroom – How-to Find It!

July 3, 2022 Off By

Epic seems to be in love with the idea that ultra rare items can spawn in the game. Epic’s Season 3 has added the Golden Mushroom, which is only available to those who are lucky enough to win the in-game lottery.

Season 2 featured the Mythical Golden Fish. It was found in fishing holes with luck and a lot of luck. The item could be thrown at other players, and could cause 200 damage if it was hit. It looks like this time the item will be more useful to you in the end.

What is the Golden Mushroom?

If you are lucky enough to find the Golden Mushroom you can eat it straight from the ground and get 100 Shields. Do NOT USE IT! You’ll lose 5 shield if you try to grab it! This means that if you do find it in the wild, it is best to not grab it from the ground. It could be a bug. Hopefully it will be fixed in the future.

How to Find the Golden Mushroom

The Golden Mushroom, a rare drop, spawns randomly at all mushroom spawns. SypherPK says that there is an actual chance of one of these mushrooms being found. Each time a mushroom spawns, there is a 1 in 10,000 chance that it will become a Golden Mushroom.

Mushrooms tend to spawn in dark wooded areas so it is likely that any area with a lot of forested land will have mushroom spawns. Sypher and his crew found the one they were looking for just north of Misty Meadows, in the forest above the lake. Because Weeping Woods is now submerged, there aren’t likely to be many spawns. Players should expect to find more of them when the map rises from the water.

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