Fortnite Giant Beach Umbrella Locations (14 Days of Summer)

Fortnite Giant Beach Umbrella Locations (14 Days of Summer)

This guide covers all the locations you will need to reach to complete Fortnite’s Giant Beach Umbrella Locations Challenge! This guide will show you how to complete the Bounce A Giant Beach Ball in Different Matches challenge, which is part of the 14 Days of Summer Fortnite.

This challenge is part of Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer! These challenges will give you a variety of cosmetics and rewards. You will be rewarded with the Rubber Ducky Banner Icon.

Rubber Ducky Banner

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Fortnite Giant Umbrella Locations

It’s a simple task, simply head to the giant umbrella location and jump from the top! This can be done in three matches. However, you can also do it with the same umbrella. It’s possible to combine some of these challenges. Check the map below to see the locations that may make it easier to complete multiple challenges simultaneously.

Map of Beach Umbrella Locations

Umbrella South West of Pleasant Park

This one is located right next to Pleasant Park’s westmost Sky Platform.

Lazy Lagoon umbrella

Another umbrella can be found on the tiny island of Lazy Lagoon. It’s located north of the huge pirate ship.

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West of Dusty Divot Mountain

An umbrella is located on the mountain west from Dusty Divot.

South West of Salty Springs Mountain

You will find the umbrella you’re looking for on the large mountain to the south-west of Salty Springs.

North West Paradise Palms

One of the giant umbrellas can be found just outside Paradise Palms, to the north.

West of Lonely Lodge

The last giant umbrella is located west of Lonely Lodge.

Giant Beach Umbrella Locations Videos