We are going to take a quick look at the Ghost Town location in Fortnite. We also have the exact locations you will need to visit for the Haunted forest and Spooky farm. This information is necessary to complete the Fortnitemares 2019 Challenges: “Search a chest, a haunted wood, a ghost city, and a spooky farmhouse”

To earn all the cosmetics, you will need to complete six challenges. Although they aren’t too difficult, you will have to depend on some highly suspect teams in order to complete Storm King LTM. These are covered in detail in our guide. here.

All Locations Map

Here is a quick map showing you where you need to go and how to open a chest to complete this challenge. Below is a little more information about these locations.

Ghost Town Location

Because it was not as easily found as the other locations, this one was the most difficult. It was thought that it would be Salty Springs, Pleasant Park or Lazy lake. The spot you should go is located on the northeast corner of the map, above Steamy Stacks. There is a Landmark LocationHere is Pristine point. To reach the goal of the challenge, you’ll need to travel to this location and open a chest.

There aren’t many chests in the area, so get one fast!

Spooky Farm Location

This one was easy, just head to Frenzy Farm to open a chest!

Haunted Forest

The Weeping Willow is the only forest-y area on this map. There is a lodge-like area at the center of the map. Go there, open a chest, then you will be able to complete this challenge.

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