Fortnite Ghost & Shadow Dropbox Locations

Fortnite Ghost & Shadow Dropbox Locations

Let’s take a look at the locations where you can find dropboxes to support the Ghost and Shadow factions. These can be used for a variety of challenges. You will either have to drop something in one or explode it!

Two dropbox locations are usually found at each named location on the map. Some areas only have one dropbox, but all areas have at least one. These are used to drop off your first item. Security Plans for Brutus’ Challenges. Next, you will need to use these for. TNTina’s Trial Challenges. Find explosives. Team Rumble is the best place to look. Grenades and Remote Explosives are all options. You can go to any faction and blow up the dropbox of the other faction. You will be able to choose which faction you want to destroy. Each of these 18 challenges will require you to complete 18 challenges in the challenge set for that skin.

The new locations are where you will not find boxes: The Shark, Yacht Grotto Rig and Agency. Frenzy Farm, Weeping Woods are also no places you’ll find boxes!

Ghost Dropbox Locations

Shadow Dropbox Locations

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