Fortnite Boom Bow Guide – Damage, How-to Use

Fortnite Boom Bow Guide – Damage, How-to Use

Fortnite Boom Bow Guide contains all information about the new weapon. Epic hopes that the next Bow will be more popular than the Crossbow, which was a niche weapon.

Boom Bow, a shotgun shell-using bow that can deal quite a lot of damage if it is possible to hit the head or body with a shot. While it may take some time to get the full power from the Boom Bow when it is lit up, the explosive damage will remain constant. The damage to the head or body would be less if you hit it with a direct shot.

Archery is a great sport!

Official Information about the Boom Bow

Official information has been released about the bow, which appears to use Shotgun Shell ammunition. It can do 100 explosion damage and, if it hits someone directly, it will cause 115 body damage and a 2x head injury. This gives it 230 damage. This is quite powerful and you can 1-shot anyone at any health level.

  • The shotgun shell tip of a Shotgun Shell tips makes fire arrows explode upon impact.
  • Uses Shotgun Ammo
  • The shot will be stronger if you keep the fire keybind down for longer. This increases projectile speed and direct damage.
    • No matter the power of the shot, explosive damage is always consistent.
    • The Boom Bow will attain maximum power within 1.6 seconds after charging.
  • A direct hit can deal both the explosion and direct hit damage to the enemy player that it impacts.
    • Direct hit
      • Base damage 15
      • Headshot Multiplier: Twox
    • Explosion
      • 100 damage
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Boom Bow Gameplay

Dakotaz is taking the Boom Bow for a spin.


— dakotaz (@dakotaz) April 2, 2019

Boom Bow Leaks

We don’t yet have much information about the bow but you can see it in action using these leaks. The most interesting part is the amount of damage it does and how large these explosives will be. It will also take what ammunition, which is interesting considering the Crossbow had unlimited ammunition. Although I think this bow will be capable of taking explosive ammo it is best to wait and see.

Almost all animations are available for the Explosive bow! (Some animations wouldn’t work, sadly)

— Knapperigeknaap – Fortnite (@knapperigeLeaks) March 28, 2019

There’s also a leak that will reveal what the sound will be like. You can hear the arrow’s whizzing past and some of its explosive sounds when it hits the target. You will also hear the arrow pulling back completely and confirmation that it is fully drawn.

Sounds for the Explosive Arrow (will be Legendary rarity).

— Knapperigeknaap – Fortnite (@knapperigeLeaks) March 27, 2019