Fortnite Editing Guide – All the Edits You Should Know!

Fortnite Editing Guide – All the Edits You Should Know!

The Fortnite Editing Guide will show you how to edit the game. Fortnite Edits are essential to master in order to improve your building skills and to win more battles.

While there are many edits to this list, it is likely that you only need to be familiar with a handful. It is important to know how to quickly get out of boxes, through walls and through floors. To get out of tight spots, you’ll need to be able edit and reset in a matter of seconds.

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Fortnite Floor Edits

Editing floors is easy. You are basically editing them to make them easier to read or to give you an opportunity to take a shot. Each edit leaves a lip or wall facing the floor. This can be awkward because you might hit your target instead of what you were trying to do.

You may not have seen the fourth edit in game. I’ll briefly mention it below.

Floor Edits

The first one opens a square area on the floor. This is often used to escape from an enclosed box.

This is the second edit. It is a half-opening. You can use it to get out of a box, but you can also use it to take down the floor if it’s not connected to a ramp or wall. It will break if you make edits to the boxes that are connected with the other structure. This is much faster than removing the boxes with your pickaxe.

The third option gives you a single spot for a wedge balcony. This option gives you the largest shooting range, but there is still a wall to protect you if your enemy is trying to shoot you down.

The BRIDGE, the fourth one, is not pictured in this picture. Although I was not aware of its existence it creates a diagonal pathway with a lip to either side. Although I don’t see much value in it, you can edit the corners at a diagonal to make it.

Fortnite Ramp/Stairs Edits List

It is not necessary to be knowledgeable about stair edits. You should know the half-stair that can lift you from underneath a ramp/stair. Another thing to know is how to turn the stair edits. It’s easier to explain it with video.

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Ramp/Stair Rotations

Ramp/Stair Edits

Ramp/Stair Edits

The first is the half ramp/stair, which will be the most practical. This will be used to climb out of under a ramp.

The first and third aren’t necessary and would likely not be used in a game. The U shape is used to make a U-shaped staircase that goes forward and backwards. The L shape refers to a L-shaped staircase that can be climbed up and then to one side.


Fortnite Roof Edits

Although the roof structure was not used much at first, it is now more popular in competitive play. It’s great for stopping players who are running high above you. You can also use it to create double-up structures or as fast cover when you are short on materials.

Roof Edits

The first example shows you a tall, anangled triangle. You can see the point of the triangle in the direction of the square that you cut out. This can be used as a way for you to see above or below a wall, or even to get out of a roof if it is under you.

The second is a ramp. A roof can be used to make ramps if you don’t like stairs. These can be done on any side that you take two squares off, as long as they’re adjacent to each other.

The third is much more interesting. It’s an inverted version the first. I don’t think it will be much use. It breaks if it isn’t on the ground or next to a wall. If you make a roof this way, it won’t break if it’s on the ground or on a floor that you have created.

The TENT is a fourth edit that you can make to the roof. This is done by removing two corners from the roof. It creates a strange tent-like shape. It won’t be very practical, but it would make a great design element for a playground.

Fortnite Wall Edits

You will use walls to pass through them when trying to escape a structure. Sometimes you will need them to get quick shots or replace an enemy wall.

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Wall Arch Edits

Arch Edits

Most arches can be used to create large paths through multiple boxes or open up larger areas for you or your team.

Wall Door Edits

Door Edits

Doors can be semi-useful and can be shut to provide cover, even if your edit isn’t complete.

Your basic door is the first. It can be done on either the left or right. This is your most frequently used edit for doors. They can be used to enter and exit a structure, or they can be used as cover in an awkward situation.

The second example is a wall that has a door inside. It can be done on either the left or the right. This is rarely used and likely will never be needed.

This last example shows a complete wall with a window on one side and a door on the other. This is another odd one. If you’re designing a house, this will be of little use.

Part Wall Edits

Partial Wall Edits

These edits will give you partial wall. These are useful for when your wall is not in a good spot.

The first one is probably the most useful. It acts as a half wall, which is great for exiting from awkward spots and just general use.

The second is a small quarter wall. The third is a full-length wall that is small and can be used either on the left or the right. The fourth column can be used to the left or the right. Finally, the last wall is a quarter inch in size.

Wall Wedge Edits

Wedge Edits

For making large areas that you can quickly traverse, but aren’t doors, wedges are a great tool. They will be your primary edit when you enter and exit structures.

Wall Window Edits

Window Edits

The first example shows a simple window. It is possible to have an edit on either the center or left side. This will give you a window at the desired spot. Windows are great for shooting shots from a large area. You can edit windows quickly to make it easier for an opponent to block your view and fire shots at them.

While the second example doesn’t have a lot of value and is unlikely to be used often, it does create two windows.

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