Fortnite Crew Pack for April 2021 | Skin, Cosmetics, & Release Date

Fortnite Crew Pack for April 2021 | Skin, Cosmetics, & Release Date

Epic Games has just released the newest Fortnite Crew cosmetics via the Fortnite Twitter account. This month, we are being introduced to Alli, who is Lynx’s sister in Fortnite lore. We’ve covered all the cosmetics and info about the Fortnite Crew for the month of April 2021 below!

Skin & Cosmetics

Promo image for Fortnite Crew April 2021.Promo image for Fortnite Crew April 2021.

Fortnite Crew members have several cosmetics to look forward to when this pack drops on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 7pm CST. This month, we’ll receive all the fascinating, flashy items shown below.

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Catwalk Loading screen

Catwalk Loading Screen in Fortnite.Catwalk Loading Screen in Fortnite.

We have a new featured loading screen this month! This one’s title is Catwalk. You’ll feel empowered as Alli struts her way into every match.

Fortnite Crew Additional Information

Fortnite Crew is for true Fortnite fans and comes packed with features that make every month worth the $11.99 USD Price Tag. We receive new cosmetics every month, which usually includes an Outfit, Pickaxe, Wrap, and Back Bling.

On top of getting new content every month, we also receive a credit of 1,000 V-Bucks, and the Battle Pass for the Current Season! You only have to have one month of Fortnite Crew active to have the Battle Pass for the full Season, which is usually about three months long.

Fortnite Crew subscription content remains with you forever.

March Fortnite Crew

Don’t forget, if you subscribe to April’s Fortnite Crew before 8 pm on March 31, you’ll also receive March’s Fortnite Crew pack, which includes the Llambro Outfit, Up NorthBack Bling Puffcorn PickPickaxe, and The Llegend Wrap!

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