Fortnite Creative Code Hunt Codes – Get Wrath’s Wrath Wrap!

Fortnite Creative Code Hunt Codes – Get Wrath’s Wrath Wrap!

Fortnitemares is underway. There are some new challenges and an interesting task that you can complete in Creative mode to earn a free wrap. Although this is a new challenge, it shouldn’t prove to be too difficult. You will only need to create a code for four maps. Although I highly recommend going into each map to have fun with them, You can also find the code in the post.

Here’s Epic’s official description of Creative Code Hunt:

Each day, return to Fortnite Creative until October 24, to see a new island featured and to find the new numbers. Once you’ve found all the digits enter the code below to add the Wrath’s Wrath Wrap to your Locker! (The redemption code will expire on October 27 at 10 AM ET.)

As you can see there will be digits each day. Be sure to go into the game and find them, or check this post for more!

The following image will show you what the wrap looks like. This wrap is one of my favorites, and well-themed for Halloween. This wrap is mummy-based and has a frosty color underneath. This will be a great addition to your collection if you don’t already have enough wraps!

Fortnite Wrath's Wrath WrapFortnite Wrath's Wrath Wrap

Creative Code Hunt Codes

Here is the complete code that you can redeem via this link: AU9NJ-BLVHV-TCLJS-54YTB

  • What Lay Beneath Map? – AU9NJ
  • Haunted House Deathrun- BLVHV
  • GunGame – Crazy Carnevil – TCLJS
  • 54YTB
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    1. What Lay Below (6230-0678-1860).

    You can find the code in the What Lay Beneath map by searching the video below.

    2. Haunted House Deathrun (9069-5430-8722)

    You can find the code in the Haunted House Deathrun Map by watching the video below. You don’t have to be a master at deathruns. It’s easy!

    3. GunGame – Crazy Carnevil (5763-3850-2682)

    Gun Games are great fun. Get together some friends and join the fun. To find the code, you can go into the game and search for a “no dancing” sign. Then, break the law! You can find more details in the video below.


    We will be adding videos and codes for this side-quest in the next days. You should give these maps a shot, as they were a lot of work. You don’t have to wait for the code. Give the maps a try and you may have some fun!