Fortnite Cosmetic/Skin Gifting Guide – Release Date, How-to, and Everything You Need to Know!

Fortnite Cosmetic/Skin Gifting Guide – Release Date, How-to, and Everything You Need to Know!

Fortnite’s cosmetics and skin gifts are coming soon! This guide will teach you how to gift Fortnite skins.

Gifting cosmetics is one of the most requested features in Fortnite. You might think it would be more about gameplay but people have wanted skins to be given for a while. Fortnite has become so much about cosmetics and skins that people love to collect skins. Soon you’ll be able give skins to friends for birthdays and to make them feel nice!

Leaked Information

This guide is based on leaked information. We won’t be able to know how it all works until it is integrated into the game.

Fortnite Gifting skins release date

Unfortunately, it is still unknown! It was recently leaked information about gifting skins, so I would expect it will be added to the game very soon.

How-to gift Fortnite skins

Here’s where you can get into the speculation about how this will all work. This is based upon leaks. The1JarenFollow us on Twitter.

As you can see, the additional button allows you to “Buy as A Gift” when you are trying to buy a new skin. This is the most exciting screenshot. It’s right after clicking the button.

There are many things to consider. You can only gift up to four people at once (including yourself). You will be limited to receiving a maximum of four gifts at a time. After that, you must wait at least nine days to receive more. You will also see some difficult to read text below the menu. This is the remaining gift limit. It states that you can only give 5 skins per week. This is per recipient or per skin. After you have selected the recipient you wish to gift the item, you will be able to go to the Gift Wrap menu.

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This is where you can personalize the gift and leave a note or message for your friend. You can’t give gifts back to yourself. You can still return gifts that you have given to others, but this doesn’t mean you cannot. If you are feeling guilty about a gift, you may be able to return some V-Bucks.

Fortnite Gifting Information

There is not much that can be done right now, but we do have some new information.

  • If you don’t have the item shop, you can’t gift someone a skin that is already yours. You won’t have the ability to swap skins or trade rares for them.
  • There will be strict restrictions on who and how often you can gift skins.
  • There will be a limit to how many gifts you can receive.

We are done with the details for now. Please let me know your thoughts on the new feature in the comments.