Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4 is now in its fifth week. To find some rings, you will need to make a trip to the Coral Castle. They are not hard to find but it is worth knowing where to go before you leave. This guide will show you exactly where to look and give you some helpful tips to help you get the job done quickly.

Coral Castle Ring Locations

You will need to go to the northwest section of the map to find the floating coral rings at Coral Castle. This is the area where Aquaman disappeared from Fortnite. The location is believed to once have been underwater. However, very little information has been uncovered about the history of it. When you visit this location, you will see four floating blue rings at the top of buildings.

Coral Castle floating rings map locationCoral Castle floating rings map location

Most of the rings are located towards the northern part of Coral Castle. You might save the one to your south for last. These will be your most vulnerable to enemy fire so be careful. This challenge can be completed with minimal fuss by heading to Team Rumble. Your teammates may even help you build the ramps that will lead to the coins.

These blue floating rings had been a major problem for Epic in previous seasons, but they seem to have been fixed. They seem to add an extra challenge each week in the event that one of the official tasks goes wrong.

Below are the remaining challenges for week 5. You can find a complete guide to them all here here.

  • Search Chests at Doom’s Domain (0/7)
  • Eliminations at Dirty Docks (0/3)
  • In less than four minutes, drive a car between Slurpy Swamp and Catty Corner without ever getting out (0/1)
  • Collect Floating Rings at Coral Castle (0/4)
  • Jump in your vehicle through the flaming ring of Salty Springs (0/1)
  • Make a Stark Robot dance (0/1)
  • Destroy Gorgers (0/1)
  • Do not cause harm to the opponents of The Authority (0/500).
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