Fortnite Claw & Scratch Mark Locations

Fortnite Claw & Scratch Mark Locations

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You’ll need some scratch marks to help you complete your first challenge towards Wolverine in Fortnite Chapter 2 Episode 4! You will need three of these mysterious claw marks to locate them, and they can all be found around Weeping Woods.

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Fortnite Scratchmark locations

There are three total claw marks you’ll need to find. The first can be found on the west side of the lodge in the northern section of Weeping Woods.

The second claw mark is located on the boulder just south of where you first visited. You can find it in a small pond, which is easy to miss if your head is directed towards this location.

Now, you just need to go east towards the area where there are RVs parked. If you look for the green one, you’ll see Wolverine has caused some damage to another RV. It’s a good thing they have insurance.

HarryNinteyFour provided the screenshots for this post. You can see his video below that shows you where to go.

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