Fortnite Charge Shotgun vaulted in 14.40 update!

Fortnite Charge Shotgun vaulted in 14.40 update!

November 24, 2022 Off By

The Charge Shotgun, whether you like it or not. It will likely make its way into vault in the future. new 14.40 patch. Fortnite vaults an item so it is no longer in the loot pools. While you might find it in creative modes, it should not be found in the loot pool of Fortnite. This makes sense since the Combat Shotgun is now buffed and this weapon has less usage.

Because it’s a little awkward to use, the Charge Shotgun is always a controversial weapon. To get the best out of the Charge Shotgun, you need to be able to navigate it. Because the weapon’s charge is rarely useful, competitive play made it difficult to use. You will be obliterated if you are sitting there charging your gun. While the concept is intriguing, execution was a little lacking for many.

This change is good, as it has been clogging up the loot bank. The Combat and Pump Shotgun will no longer be available, which I believe are both excellent options. They were likely to make room for Fortnitemares new items. The Pumpkin Launcher will be included, along with other weaponry. We are also able to confirm that there will brooms you can use to fly through air.  You should also find candy that can be eaten to give you health, shields and buffs for you character.

The Charge Shotgun is now out of play. What should you suggest for the future? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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