Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 13 Epic Quests Cheat Sheet & Guide

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 13 Epic Quests Cheat Sheet & Guide

We welcome new challenges and quests each week. We are currently in Week 13 of Epic Quests. We will be providing the guides and general tips for the difficult-to-complete quests in this guide.

Fortnite Epic Quests are available on Thursdays. This set will be available starting September 2, 2021.

Cheat Sheet Map

Below is the map that shows the locations for all the spawns needed to complete the quests. If you require more information, please refer to the instructions below.

Fortnite Cheat Sheet for C2S7W13Fortnite Cheat Sheet for C2S7W13

General Tips & Tricks

These instructions contain links to each guide as well as simple tips that will make simple tasks easier.

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  • Repair IO Equipment [2]
    • Guide: Where to Repair IO Equipment
    • You can complete the quest at one of three locations: Dinky Dish or Destined Dish. They all have at minimum three pieces of equipment that you can repair. However, only two are required to complete the quest. The locations of the equipment are shown in the red markers above. You can find more information in the guide linked above.
  • Corny Complex: Build structures [25]
    • This is a simple quest that can be completed in just minutes. This is the easiest way to accomplish it. Land near Corny Complex in the beginning of the match to gather 250 Wood. Then enter Corny Complex and start building all around. The blue marker on the map below shows where you can land the most wood harvesting locations.
  • Destroy stolen IO intel [1]
    • Guide: Where to Destroy Stolen IO Intel
    • The map shows three locations where you can remove the intel. These locations are marked in the map with green markers. It can be difficult to find the intel because it is just paper in a folder on a floor. The northern half of Stealthy Stronghold has a large hut that is the best place to spot it. The guide is available for further information.
  • Marigold’s message from death drop [1]
    • Guide: Where to get Marigold’s Message from the Dead Drop
    • This quest can only be completed by one Dead Drop. It can be found next to the large tree located on the northern side Primal Pond. It can be identified by the purple marker on the map. Primal Pond is located just to the southeast of Defiant Dish Station, where Rick Sanchez can be found. You can find more details in the guide below.
  • In one match, visit radar dish bases [5]
    • This is the most difficult quest for many, because it requires you to travel around the map. This is the easiest way we found to finish it. Land at Camp Cod and use the pink marker #1 to guide you to the UFO bases. (pink markers 2 – 6). You can refer to the above guide for more information.
  • Get headshots [10]
    • The skill and accuracy of the players are the only requirements for this quest. But there’s an easy way to do it. You can quickly count the number of headshots required to take out an opponent when you are down. This can be done to teammates who have also been defeated.
  • Upgrade to Epic or Legendary Weapon [3]
    • Guide: All Upgrade Bench Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7
    • You can find all the upgrade benches marked on the map with the orange markers. You will need an upgradeable weapon with a rare (blue), uncommon rarity, and at least 300 gold bars to become Epic or Legendary. To access the radial menu, interact with the upgrade station by simply touching it with an upgradeable weapons. You can then choose to upgrade your weapon, and then confirm it.
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