Fortnite Chapter 2 | Season 5 | Week 9 | XP Coins Locations

Fortnite Chapter 2 | Season 5 | Week 9 | XP Coins Locations

Fortnite players, XP Coins have returned! After disappearing for several Seasons, many people wondered where they were. Then, all of a sudden they returned to the game. They should be here until the end Chapter 2 Season 5.

Season 5, Week 9 | Season 5 | Week 9 | XP Coins Locations

There are 10 XP coin locations over the Zero Point map every week. They come with four colors: Green (Blue), Purple (Purple), and Gold. The XP you get from finding these coins will depend on their rarity. So, getting the Gold XP Coin is worth a lot more that finding the Green Coins.

There are 10 XP Coins. Four are Green, three are Blue and two are Purple. Only one Gold Coin is found on the map. For those who have seen the Blue Coins before, you don’t need to break any object to find them. They all spawn in water.

  • Green Coins can be worth 5000XP
  • Blue Coins can be worth 6500XP
  • Purple Coins are broken into multiple coins and total 10,300 XP.
  • The Gold Coin is worth 15,000XP
  • Total: 75.100 XP

Below you will see the Zero Point Map, which includes all 10 locations. The color of your XP Coin will appear in the circle around the radar. Many thanks to Fortnite GGFor the use of the drawing feature.

Week 9

A screenshot from Fortnite showing where the Week 9 XP coins areA screenshot from Fortnite showing where the Week 9 XP coins areFortnite GG thanks

  • Green Coin Locations
    • Coin #1 – Head to the southeast from Pleasant Park and you will find a few trees.
    • Coin #2 – Go to the Dusty Depot and find the Green Coin in the southwest corner. It is located between two crumbled walls.
    • Coin #3 – Go south of Retail Row and stay on the road. When the road curves there is a group of trees. There’s the Green Coin between them.
    • Coin #4 – Head towards Steamy Stacks. A pipe will be found at the end of a building and is the Green Coin.
  • Blue Coin Locations
    • Coin #1 – Go southwest from the Zero Point to find the first Blue Coin. It is located in the river under a pink-colored crystal.
    • Coin #2- Go to the east side of Camp Cod and look for the second Blue Coin.
    • Coin #3 – Head to Crashed Cargo POI and find the third Blue Coin in the water north.
  • Purple Coin Locations
    • Coin #1 – Head north of Viking Vessel and east of Stack Stack, and next to a small shack and some trees is the Purple Coin.
    • Coin #2: Head southwest from Shanty Town, northwest of Flushed Factory, to find the swamp in between the two. Between the big house to your left and the dock to your right is the Purple Coin.
  • Locate a Gold Coin
    • The Gold Coin is located inside LogJam, to the left side of The Durrr Burger.
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