We are nearing the end of Chapter 2 Season 4. This means that there will soon be some new challenges. The challenges have leaked in the latest patch. We have taken a look ahead of time. This will allow you to prepare for them so that they can be completed quickly and easily.

This is what you’ll see when Fortnite Battle Pass challenges are revealed on Thursday, September 24, 2018.

Dirty Docks in FortniteDirty Docks in Fortnite

Epic appears to be at risk of bringing back floating rings for a second round. They were a problem in the previous season but have been fixed in the last stages. It should not take long to get eliminated in Dirty Dock as long as people are landing there. If one of your opponents is having issues, the deal damage to them at The Authority could be an added challenge.

Doom’s Domain contains many chests that you can search. You could even get Doctor Doom and plundered his vault. Credit to Fortnite.ggFor the map of chests, see below.

Doom's Domain chest map in FortniteDoom's Domain chest map in Fortnite

The locations of the Coral Castle rings are easy to spot. Three of them are located to the north and one towards the south. You don’t need to worry about being shot at as you complete the challenge by heading to Team Rumble.

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Coral Castle floating rings map locationCoral Castle floating rings map location

You will need to hack Stark Robots first if you want to dance with them. Either you can knock one down at a Quinjet facility or you can go to Stark Industries to take out one of their henchmen. Once you’ve done that, head to the robot you want to hack and then go. It takes some time, but they will cooperate with you. If you use an emote to get them to join you in the robot dance, they will be happy to help you.

In the last two weeks, the Gorger’s Gatherers have received a lot of attention. This week, you must destroy a Gorger. You’ve probably done this if you have completed the previous week’s challenges. The map below shows all locations where the Gorger can be found.

These are the only details we have on the challenges. Once they are published, we will provide additional information about how to complete them!


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