Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 Skins – Leaks & Information

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 Skins – Leaks & Information

Fortnite’s new season has arrived! Here are all Season 3 Skins as well as the rest cosmetics available in the Battle Pass! Each season brings new cosmetics, which is why the battle pass is so popular. You can customize these skins by adding new styles and leveling up to make them completely gold. Last season we had a fully customizable skin, and Season 3 will allow us to create our own custom glider.

Season 3 Battle Pass Skins

You can find all the official information, images and videos from Season 3 Battle Pass!


Start by obtaining Fade or Ocean as your Tier 1 skins. Each of these skins has multiple styles. Fade is the best, as it unlocks new ones each time you upgrade your battle pass. Scuba Jonesy will be earned at level 20, Jules 40, Kit 60, Siona 80, and Eternal Knight when you reach level 100. You’ll also get a new Fade style at level 100.

Eternal Knight also offers some bonus “power-level” styles that will lighten up and make your skin glow as soon as you surpass level 100. Learn more about them in our Eternal Knight Enlightened Guide.

Aquaman is the “secret” skin of the season. He can only be obtained by completing challenges that are released once per week. Learn more about the process in our Aquaman Guide.

Back Bling




Harvesting Tools

Loading Screens





Season 3 Artwork

Season 3 Trailer

The video that opens up to the next season is available. You will see some battle pass skins and Aquaman confirmed as a skin.

Season 3 teaser

— FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel 🎄 (@iFireMonkey) July 17, 2020

Possible Season 3 Battle Pass Skins

This is speculation only. We don’t know anything about the Season 3 Battle Pass skins, but we are compiling some cosmetics that may have been leaked and could possibly be part of the battle pass.

Possible Owl Pet/Skin

The final teaser features a mechanical owl which looks similar to the eyes in the teasers. It could be spying and part of lore or it could be a potential skin or pet.

Aquaman is confirmed

If you were skeptical about Aquaman’s skin, you don’t need to be anymore! Jason Momoa (Aquaman actor in DC movies), posted the Fortnite Trident picture (shown above) as an An. Instagram story. This pretty much confirms Aquaman being included in Season 3 Battle Pass. He’ll likely be the secret skin much like DeadpoolWas in Season 2.

Cat Pet

If you loved Season 2 of Meowscles, you may have a pet in the future. Epic Games teaser shows a Meowscle-like character riding a motorcycle. It could also indicate that the game will feature motorcycle-type vehicles, but we don’t know for sure.

Space Skin

We were also shown a teaser of what looks like a space skin holding a meteor. It’s possible that the meteor is a back bling. However, it’s quite clear that this skin will be some type of space suit. Not to be overlooked is that the meteor will appear in the big Season 3 Leaks, a woman Dark VoyagerIt was mentioned.

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Possible Trident Pickaxe

Epic released a teaser image of a Trident as part of the Battle Pass teasers. It was rumored that we might get an Aquaman skin in the Season 3 leak. This seems even more probable after the teaser for a Trident.

More skins

As part of Fortnite lore, Agent Jonesy was revealed at The Device. It didn’t necessarily indicate that it would be a skin. However, the files contained information about the skin after the event. Although an official image was not found, the skin does have a code name and a name: Espionage suits him very well.

Engineer is a fascinating possible skin. Midas found a picture of her in his office. This could mean that she will become a skin, or just a part of the story lore. She was also seen again in The Device’s loading screen.

Although it is difficult to see, you can click the magnifying glass and see her reflection in that area. This is a big hint that she will appear in Season 3. But, it is still unknown what her part will be.

Due to its filename, the final skin is called “Wildcat”. I’d wager that this is an Item ShopIt’s possible it could be part the battle pass. In the past, we’ve seen a leaked skin that looked like a shop option turn out to be part of a season. Because it is an encrypted skin and very little information about it, I have included it here. It was likely to have been decrypted in recent patches if it was going into the item shop.

This is all we have for now. We’ll add more information as it becomes available!

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