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Fortnite Ch. 2 Season 4 Week 7 Challenges – Cheat Sheet & Guide!

You have probably already gotten your Wolverine outfit. The next challenges will be less exciting. The next batch has us going to Catty Corner, collecting chests, getting eliminations at Craggy Cliffs and discovering what is in Doom’s Domain’s vault. We also need to do some cobweb demolition at The Authority. Finally, we’ll be driving a car across the map while not being stopped by Tony Stark’s laboratory.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4 is at week 7. This means we are now three weeks away from finishing all challenges. If the previous seasons are correct, this season will be our seventh. It’s possible that they will throw more events at us this season. This is especially true with Fortnitemares getting closer and Halloween approaching. It appears that not much has been confirmed so we will have to wait at the least one week before any further information is available.

Fortnite Week 7 Challenges

Here are the challenges for week 7:

Cheat Sheet

Below is a cheat sheet that will show you where to find the information needed to complete these challenges. Credit to squatingdogFor the image.

Challenges Guide

Catty Corner can be found in the southwest portion of the map and contains quite a few chests. You can also count the gas station to your south towards the challenge, if you come across people there. As usual, I recommend joining Team Rumble to collect chests! Credit to Fortnite.ggFor the map.

You can find the vault in Doom’s Domain in the area with the large gaping hole in the soccer field, which is located in the middle. You will need to kill Doctor Doom to gain access, as you must have the vault key. He is usually found in the most haunting house but can wander the surrounding areas. I suggest knocking down one his henchmen to get more information. Doctor Doom will be given a red crown to identify him as the boss of the region.

Alternativly, you could wait for someone else opening the vault and then visit it later. According to the comments, this should count towards the challenge.

You might have to compete with others for this challenge. You can finish this challenge if your ability allows you to. Bot Lobby.

You can easily find cobwebs by heading to The Authority and searching the building. They are usually located in the upper corners of rooms. You will need to pick them up with your pickaxe.

Tony Stark’s secret laboratory isn’t so hidden after all. There are many ways to find it and a road that will lead you there. You will find the large lake to your east, which is located near Upstate New York and Stark Industries. Stark Lake House is the large house visible on the map. Either you can cut down the bush to the south and walk into the laboratory or you can enter the house and go through the floor. It’s not difficult to do, but it isn’t hard to find out.

Here’s a video that shows you how to quickly get from Sweaty Sands into Misty Meadows.

Finally, you are going to need to use Storm’s Whirlwind Blast and get quite a bit of damage with it. You can access it by going to Marvel Takeover. There you will find the superpower tornado icon that randomly appears in the game. Grab this and unleash the destruction. Another option is to visit Quinjet locations to shoot down the Stark Drones. The Storm superpower is rare so you will have to try to obtain it. I recommend this Marvel Takeover challenge.

Once you’re done, grab the goodies XP coins for the week!

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