Fortnite Black Hole Event Guide – Numbers Meaning, End Date & More!

Fortnite Black Hole Event Guide – Numbers Meaning, End Date & More!

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Fortnite Black Hole Guide keeps track of all things with the mini-game and numbers. There are many questions and information, so we will do our best to keep you informed.

What is the Fortnite Black Hole and how can it be avoided?

The black hole is the place we ended up after “The End”. Epic may have created it to conceal their server maintenance as they prepare to launch Fortnite’s new season. According to leaksWe will most likely get a new map.

Keep checking for updates

  • 10/14/19 – 10:00 AM PT: Leaked trailer for Battle Pass reveals cosmetics and new gameplay features! You can find that information here here.
  • 10/13/19 at 6:10 PT: Additional numbers were shown (2,176, 8, 160 and 65), creating what is thought to be the last message: “The Nothing is Now Unavoidable.”
  • 10/13/19 at 4:30pm PT: Additional numbers (69,146, 15, 36), displaying the message “This wasn’t calculated.”
  • 10/13/19 at 3:30 PT: A possible leak could cause an event to last for up to two days.!
  • 10/13/19 at 2:53 PT: Below is a possible meaning for the numbers

Black Hole Event Ends Time

Based on a leakThe event could last up to October 15th, 2019, at 6 a.m. ET. This information was obtained from the source code of official Fortnite website:

This date now shows October 17th as the probable end date. It is unclear if this indicates a real end or not. It is hard to believe Epic will shut down Fortnite for so long.

China Update

It appears that Fortnite China has something planned for October 15th 2019. If this is true, then it will come sooner if you aren’t in China. It will take place on Monday at 9 AM PT in China.

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What about my cosmetics?!

Fortnite will not be leaving, so don’t be alarmed! Your cosmetics and account are safe The AskPlayStation Twitter account confirmed it:

Please rest assured that all inventory items as well as V-Bucks will remain safe during Fortnite Blackout. Fortnite Questions? Please visit

— Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) October 13, 2019

Fortnite Black Hole Information

Fortnite is now in a black hole. All Epic’s games have been affected. Fortnite social media accountsAnd the official websiteVideo of the anomaly is shown. What does all of this mean? We don’t yet know the answer, but this is likely to cover up the server downtime that is quite standard for when the game updates for the next battle pass. It is possible for the server to be offline for as long as two or three hours. However, it is not known how long.

What does the Numbers mean?

The screen started showing numbers periodically (11,146, 15, 60, 87 and 14, 106), If you take each number, and assign it a word from this transcript of the Visitor tapes you can extract the meaning.

I wasn’t the only one.

Others were not in the loop.

This was not calculated.

Nothing is possible now.

Here’s a transcript of The Visitor’s messages

The Seven of us are taking very high risks. They aren’t the only ones who are watching. We cannot lose the Bridge forever if we don’t do it.

It is possible that the creation of the Island was not planned by anyone. It was obvious that interdimensional matter collisions would push rather than resolve. Now that I witness it first hand, it’s obvious that Pinching alone made it inevitable.

Will it help me to remember this when I hear it again? Or, will I become just as muted after Looped? It doesn’t matter, the precautions seem to have worked.

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The (garbled!) Theorem was an instant success! You arrived outside the loop at exactly the moment of expansion. This effectively stopped the singularity and gave us the time to make the necessary devices to synchronize Junction.

What I didn’t factor was that the only way to trigger the device was from within the Loop itself. This led to a primitive, hasty recording. Why now? I feel looped.

At exactly the time that the timer goes to nothing, activate the beacon. You must contain the Zero Point once more. It will end if they are right. – The Scientist

Black Hole Mini-Game & Code

Fortnite will only show you the black hole. However, you can still play a mini-game to pass the time.

You can enable the game by pressing the following code on the keyboard or controller:

  • Up Up Left Right Left Left Left Right B(O), (X) Start (Enter/Options).

It is very similar to GalagaIt is an old-school arcade game. Peely holds the highest score at the moment, but it doesn’t matter if you beat it! The game seems to be purely for entertainment purposes.

Fortnite: StW (Save The World) Might Be Free

Fortnite: The Save the World could end up being free. You won’t be able buy it anymore, so you might get it for free when Season 11 comes out.

StW is no more available for purchase It is possible that it will be available for free.

— Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) October 13, 2019

Server Status is “Anomaly Detected”

Fortnite’s server status will show you the screen below. The phrase “Anomaly Detected” is repeated for all Fortnite operations.

Fortnite “The End” Event Video

Check out the video below if you missed the precursor event to the black hole!