Fortnite Best Snipers vs Runners Map Codes (July 2022) – List of the best maps!

Fortnite Best Snipers vs Runners Map Codes (July 2022) – List of the best maps!

Fortnite’s Discovery Tab has had a Snipers vs Runners map since its inception. You can either snipe or dodge the bullets of the Runners in this game mode, while trying to achieve your goal as a Runner.

Below is a list of all the Fortnite Creative’s best Snipers vs Runners maps. This list is regularly updated with the most recent and best-designed maps. Be sure to return often if you are looking for something else!

Snipers vs Runners Maps

Below is our list of Fortnite’s Tycoon Codes.

  • Snipers vs Runners Galactica: 6990-3149-3776
  • Climbers vs. Snipers [Parkour]: 6916-5197-9712
  • Snipers vs Runners – Adventure: 5482-0188-8603
  • 360 Snipers vs Runners: 8211-7200-6960
  • Snipers vs Runners Dollhouse 2301-1112-2208

Snipers vs Runners Galactica

Image by TonyDJYtb

Try your best to survive a galactic map in Snipers vs Runners Galactica. You will need to dodge sniper bullets at 10 levels. Keep an eye out for coins to earn first place on your survival team. Because there is limited coverage, picking off your opponents will be easier than with other sniper maps. You have 10 levels to stop runners from reaching the end, so you’ll have plenty of time!

Code: 6990-3149-3776

Climbers vs. Snipers [Parkour]

Code: 6916-5197-9712

Snipers vs Climbers – A great map that combines classic Snipers vs Runners mechanics and parkour. Both Runners as well as Snipers will find this game challenging, making it even more rewarding when they succeed. You can take on the task of stopping the pesky Runners from moonjumping to the top by shooting them down in the dream- or space-themed maps.

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Snipers vs Runners – Adventure

Code: 5482-0188-8603

This fun and unique Snipers vs Runners map will have you racing through five levels. Each level has a different theme. This map is great for testing your hide-‘n’ find skills, whether you are a runner trying to escape the Sniper’s eyes or a runner looking to explore different areas of the globe. Are you able to navigate your way up the highest floor without being eliminated?

360 Snipers vs Runners

Code: 8211-7200-6960

This map, Snipers vs Runners, is not for the weak of heart. This map tests your spatial awareness. You will need to be aware of Runner positions within a circle around you. In this dizzying rendition of the classic Snipers vs Runners genre, you can either run up the map or look around to find any Sniper targets.

Dollhouse: Snipers vs Runners

Code: 2301-1112-2208

Although this map is not the first Snipers vs Runners map it is a map that has made the genre unique. This is a simple sniper map that has been played many times since the beginning of these maps. This map is often compared to other Snipers vs Runners maps when players want to enjoy sniping fun that can be re-played easily.

Fortnite Creative Maps: Coverage

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