Fortnite Best Weapons and Guns List – Chapter 2: Season 5 – Top Weapons in the Game!

Fortnite Best Weapons and Guns List – Chapter 2: Season 5 – Top Weapons in the Game!

Fortnite’s Best Weapons List features the top guns you can use to win! These weapons are great for having multiple options. This list has been updated to Season 9 of Battle Pass!

When I evaluate the best Fortnite guns, there are many factors to consider. Although damage is important, it is not the only factor. Also important is firing rate for spray heavy weapons like SMGs. Because accuracy is so important, the damage you do will be negligible if it’s not possible to hit anything.

Chapter 2 Season 5 – Update

The latest update has brought some amazing guns to the game. These include Shotguns, Snipers and AR.

Fortnite’s Best Weapons

Although this list is not ranked, each gun is very good at its job. There is no one gun that works in all situations. Explosives are more effective in fort fights than sniper rifles in long-range fights. Assault rifles work better in mid-range fights or in general situations. Shotguns are best for close-range combat.

Chapter 2 Season 5 features a variety of weaponry. Here are the best!

The Dub (Shotgun).

This exotic weapon is called The Dub. This is a Double Barrel Shotgun without the switching cooldown so you can Double Pump. It’s easily the best Shotgun in all of the game! This monster of a weapon is available from Dummy, an NPC at North of Pleasant Park and Compact Cars for 1225 Gold Bars.

Dragon’s Breath Sniper

It may look like a regular sniper rifle but it is much more. The Dragon’s Breath Sniper is an exotic weapon that can set fire to structures long distance. Think about two players engaged in a battle for the fort, while a bystander takes out the sniper to set fire to both structures. Watch the chaos unfold as you sit back!

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You can purchase this sniper from the Blaze NPC.

Its bolt-action means it can only fire one round before needing to reload. However, this weapon is great for setting things ablaze!

Shadow Tracker

This exotic weapon is only a pistol but can do as much damage to your opponents as an Assault Rifle. This could be due to its ability to mark opponents and better accuracy. This weapon outperforms all ARs in the game.

Reese at Dirty Docks can sell the Shadow Tracker for 1225 Gold Bars.


A fast-firing, accurate assault rifle capable of doing a lot of damage. SCAR has one real drawback. It can be hard to find if you aren’t lucky with floor loot or opening supply drops.

Rocket Launcher

The EpicRocket Launcher did not get a boost in the 15.00 update. However, it can only be obtained from defeating Ruckus at Hydro 16 or for 1225 Gold Bars with NPCs to obtain either the Epic or Legendary variants of the Rocket Launcher.

The Rocket Launcher is a great tool. Don’t show it to anyone until you are confident that you can make a good shot. Although rockets are easy to block, if they don’t expect you to have it, they may be able to get a sneaky shot that they won’t mind. You must be careful not to blow yourself up.

For those who are curious about what the 15.10 update was about, we’ve got you covered. Our Leaked Skins page has all of the latest leaks from the update!