Fortnite Best Friendzy Event: Dates, Rewards, & Everything we Know!

Fortnite Best Friendzy Event: Dates, Rewards, & Everything we Know!

Fortnite is now offering Best Friendzy, a new event that players can participate in with the 17.50 update. You can earn rewards by playing Fortnite matches with your best friend. Below are all details.


The Best Friendzy event is for approximately two weeks. Official start time for the event is August 31, 2021, at 4AM CT. Official end time is September 12, 20,21 at 3PM CT.


Throughout the event, you will be able to earn four rewards. These rewards are displayed in the gallery below.

The prizes are, as shown above, the Outer Space handshake Emoji and Invasion Remix Music, Life’s a Beach Wrap and the Aquari-Axe Harvesting tool. The above list also lists the order in which the rewards will be given to you. The emoticon can be earned at three points; the soundtrack at 10 points; the wrap at 20 and the pickaxe at 50 respectively.

Additional Information

Register for the event via the official website to earn points. Registering allows players to view their progress and track their stats in order to earn rewards. You can’t add points from multiple friends. This means that even though multiple friends can help you get there, the only points that will count are the highest total earned by a single friend. Register at to sign up for the event. this link.

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