Fortnite Backpacks Item List – How-to Use, Where to Find, Info

Fortnite Backpacks Item List – How-to Use, Where to Find, Info

This guide will walk you through all the details of Fortnite’s new backpack type. You’ll learn how to use them and where you can find them. We also have a complete list of backpacks currently in-game or soon to be released.

Fortnite has recently added backpacks as a new type of item. These backpacks will be permanent, so we’ll have many options in the future. This new item type was first revealed to us via the Jetpack.

Backpack basics

This is a quick overview of Fortnite’s backpacks. These backpacks are an exclusive item. You can only have one backpack at any given time. Once it is full, it will automatically be destroyed. Epic has the official breakdown:

  • Backpacks take an inventory slot (like weapons & consumables) and can be moved to different positions.
  • Only one backpack can be carried at once
    • If you buy a different Backpack it will automatically be swapped with the current one.
  • A Backpack that is full will automatically be destroyed.
  • If your Backpack is packed, you can conceal your Back Bling cosmetics.
    • Back Bling will not be applied if the Backpack has been removed.


Keep in mind, backpacks are not the same as back bling. It might seem confusing, but backbling is cosmetic items that can come with different skins or are earned through battle passes. Backpacks are in game items that can be actively used or consumed.

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Fortnite Backpacks Item List

Here you will find a list of all known backpacks. Some will still be in use, others might have been removed or some may not have been added at all.

Jetpack (Currently In Game)

The jetpack was the introduction to backpacks. This allows you to hover and gain height until your fuel runs low. This allows you to climb up and reach your enemies without having to worry about them knocking down your structures. This backpack is great for aggressive players who want to push forward or for players who want to escape quickly from high-altitude fall hazards.

Get more information about the jetpack from our Jetpack guide!

Leaked Datamined Backpacks

Datamining Fortnite’s most recent patch revealed that these backpacks had been discovered. Don’t be surprised if these backpacks are released! These come from Twitter. TwoEpicBuddies!

Jump to Boost

This is most likely the Jetpack.

Eye of the Storm Tracker

This was accidentally added to Jetpack Content Patch. This backpack shows you where the NEXT circle will be located on your map. This can be very helpful if your goal is to win the game. This is particularly useful in the last game. If you play this style, you’ll know exactly where to fortup.

Carmine Pack

This was the codename for Thanos in The Game. This is not something I can guarantee, but it could happen!

Glider Pack

This would allow you to jump off tall areas and, if you press the jump button again, the glider will come out. This would be great for tall towers and falling from a distance. This gives you options, even if there isn’t a launch pad.

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Intel Pack

This one could be quite interesting! It is possible to obtain intelligence based on the location of your enemy in your immediate region, or pick a spot on a map to find them. There are many possibilities for what “intel” could entail.

Medic Pack

If you have suffered from any kind of health damage, it is likely that this will slow down your healing process. It’s more like a slurp potention for health.

Missile Battery

It is hard to guess but it could be the reintroduction or the return of the guided missile. You could also use it to replenish your rocket’s ammunition or grenade launcher with a limited amount.