Fortnite Assault Rifle Tips Guide (Season 8) – Stats, DPS, PNGs

Fortnite Assault Rifle Tips Guide (Season 8) – Stats, DPS, PNGs

Our Fortnite Assault Rifle Tips & Stats Guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this midrange weapon! We cover the entire list of Assault Rifles, including all their damage and stats. You will also find sections that can help you use them better. These include accuracy, bloom, general tips, and tricks.

An Assault Rifle is an essential part of every player’s loadout. This is the most reliable midrange weapon available. Knowing how to use it is essential if you want easy kills and to do some serious damage to your opponent before using a shotgun. Fortnite’s bloom mechanism might cause some players to be reluctant to use it, but the solution is simple and easy!

Fortnite Assault Rifle Stats & Damage

There are many choices in the Assault Rifle section. These options are broken down in a way that makes sense to me.

Standard Rifle

  • Common: Assault rifle (Common): 30 to the body, 60 to the head, and 165 dps.
  • Uncommon: 31 damage to body, 62 damage on the head, 170dps.
  • Assault rifle (Rare), 33 damage to body, 66 damage on the head, 181.5dps.


  • Suppressed assault rifle (Epic), 32 damage to body, 64 damage on the head, 176dps.
  • Suppressed Assault Weapon (Legendary), 33 damage to body, 66 damage on the head, 181.5 DPS.
  • SCAR (Epic), 35 to 70 head damage, 192.5 dps.
  • SCAR (Legendary: 36 injury to the body, 72 to the head, and 198 dps.

Heavy Assault Rifle

The rarity of the Heavy Assault Rifle and its damage were reduced in the 8.10 Patch.

  • Heavy Assault Rifle (Common), 36 damage to body, 88 to head, 135 DPS.
  • Heavy Assault rifle (Uncommon), 38 damage to the body, and 92 damage the head, 142.5dps.
  • Heavy Assault Rifle: Rare: 40 damage to body, 96 to head, 150 dps.

Long Range Rifles

  • Infantry Rifle Uncommon: 41 damage to body, 82 to head, 172dps.
  • Infantry Rifle: 45 damage to your body, 90 to the head, 180 DPS.
  • Scoped Assault rifle (Uncommon: 26 damage to body, 52 damage for the head
  • Scoped Assault Rifle: Rare: 27 body damage, 54 head damage.
  • Thermal Scoped assault Rife: 36 to the body, 72 to the head, 64.8 DPS.
  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rofe (Legendary). 37 body damage, 74 head damage, 66.6 dps.
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Burst Rifles (Vaulted)

They were then added to the vault. 7.10 Content Update #3.

  • Burst Rifle (Common), 27 damage to body, 54 damage for the head
  • Burst Rifle (Uncommon),: 29 damage to body, 58 damage for the head.
  • Burst Rifle: 60 head damage, 30 body damage.

Assault Rifle (Burst) Famas (Vaulted)

  • Burst Rifle- Famas (Epic), 32 damage to body, 64 damage for the head
  • Burst Rifle (Legendary), 33 to the body, and 66 to the head.

Fortnite Assault Rifle FAQ

What is First Shot Accuracy?

This is also known as first shot accuracy. Your crosshair will become more precise if you stand or crouch in one spot and ads (aim down targets) your crosshair will eventually join together to make your next shot perfectly accurate. However, if you move it will need a reset. It used to be possible to crouch and then quickly rise to maintain 100% accuracy. But now it can reset the crosshair if you do this.

What is Damage fall off?

You will do less damage if you are farther away from your target. The 50-meter mark is where assault rifles’ damage begins (no percentage was given). They do 80% at 75 meters and 65% at 100 metres.

What is Bloom?

Games have different ways that bullets can travel. One option is to create a preset recoil pattern for a gun, such as Counter-Strike GO. Fortnite uses Bloom. This means that bullets may veer in a different direction than you would expect. Although the bullets will stay within your range, it can sometimes be difficult to control. Fortnite has a slight recoil. Your gun will move upwards as you hold down on the fire button.

Epic added first shot accuracy to reduce randomness when using guns with bloom. This is great if your focus is on one shot and you don’t have to stop for too long. However, the randomness of guns with bloom is still present.

Which is the best assault rifle in season 8?

This is a general overview of how guns compare based on rarity (some can be personal preference).

  • SCAR
  • SCAR is being repressed
  • Heavy Assault Weapon (Nerfed).
  • Assault Rifle
  • It is hard to deny that the SCAR has the most powerful assault rifle currently available. Although the Suppressed SCAR can be trusted and appreciated by some, I don’t like it as much. The Heavy Assault Rifle’s damage has been nerfed. It’s still a good weapon, but it’s not as effective as the other SCAR options. The normal Assault Rifle works well, but it is not always accurate.

    What’s the best place to put the Scoped Assault Rifle, or the Thermal Rifle?

    If you don’t own an assault rifle, the scoped assault rifle can be used as a substitute. This gun belongs in your sniper slots, not your rifle slots. You don’t need a gun to snipe, or don’t want one. The shots will be 100% accurate if you don’t move and aren’t looking down at the scope. It is possible to get quick knocks at a distance if you are able to find a safe place and take a few headshots. This is a great gun for beginners, but it’s better to learn how to snipe as you improve your game.

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    What’s the deal with the Infantry Rifle

    It’s an odd gun… Although it’s a semiautomatic assault rifle, it also has bullet drop like a sniper rifle. Because of its high spawn rate, it was much complained about. They have removed the standard version and reduced the spawn rate. This is a poor weapon. It can be used as a replacement for snipers if that’s what you want.

    Fortnite Assault Rifle Tips

    The Bloom is on Your Side

    Bloom is a problem that I have already discussed, but there are many ways to reduce it. You can make your shots more precise if you crouch and keep still. It’s not always a good idea. This should be done quickly and you can move back behind cover if you have the time.

    You can also control the fire by holding down the fire button. However, you should only do single shots rather than holding it down. You can increase your accuracy by timing this with small stops between movements.

    You might also consider aiming towards the body, rather than the head. Because the bloom has more room for error, this makes it more likely that you hit the person. For your first shot, I would aim for the head. However, you may want to aim lower to ensure you are connecting.

    Sensitivity can be reduced

    Most players are very sensitive. This allows you to move your crosshair more precisely and helps you aim better at your target.

    Do not aim down when you are close to the action.

    Although it seems good to aim down the sights whenever possible, it can make it difficult to aim well in close combat. If you have no other options but to use the assault rifle, it is usually best to not bother. It slows down movement, making it more vulnerable to being shot, and provides a slight increase of accuracy at close range.

    Assault Rifle PNGs

    Here are some Assault Rifles PNG files so you can use these in your projects. Epic Games, click here to enlarge