Fortnite Aim Course Codes List (July 2022) – Best Aim Practice Maps!

Fortnite Aim Course Codes List (July 2022) – Best Aim Practice Maps!

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Fortnite Aim Courses List lists the most popular and well-respected ways to improve your aim in Creative mode. These courses will help you improve your shotgun and sniper aiming skills.

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Best Fortnite Aim Courses List & Codes

Here are the Best Fortnite Aim Course codes:

  • Teadoh’s Chapter 3-Warm-Up Map: 7264-29987-8032
  • Team Emerald’s Training Simulator: 53727441-3284
  • Piece Control + Aim 1611-0113-82283
  • Skaavok Aim Training: 8022-6842-4965
  • DUO’s Headshot Target practice: 4497-1198 – 8609
  • Snipers vs Runners | ZERO GRAVITY: 5065-0762-7790
  • Warm-up Chapter 3: 9235-5574-0144
  • Edit + Aim Parkour Chapter 1 Chapter 3: 4691-7411-49411-6945
  • Elite Squad – Aim Shooter: 0631-4923-5407
  • Trickshot Death Run – Got Aim Pt. 3: 2732-3053-0999

Teadoh’s 3rd Chapter Warm-Up Map

This map was created and is maintained by Fortnite Creator Teadoh, a popular mapmaker. His maps often make it onto our top 10 lists of best maps. This map is a great choice if you want a solid, all around great experience, with customizable options that can be set to accommodate your aim training needs. This one is regularly updated to incorporate the latest Season’s game mechanics. It will likely be there for many months, if not years.).

Code: 7264-2987-8032

Team Emerald’s Training Simulator

Team Emerald’s Training Simulator is primarily focused on the “training” part of Aim Training. There are many ways to personalize your practice and help you get better at Fortnite. This map features mini-games that will help you focus and adapt to the intense, changing battle royale action.

Code: 5372-7441-3284

Piece Control + Aim

This map works well as an Aim course. It can also be used to warm up and train with weapons. You can choose any mode, see your scores and sharpen your AR and shotgun skills. You can use the gun in high intensity situations or practice your endurance.

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Code: 1611-0113-8283

Skaavok Aim Training

This map has been a favorite Aim Training map in Fortnite for a while and is currently being updated for Chapter 3. Skavok Aim Training provides all-in-one aim training against targets and bots as well as other players. You simply need to choose your weapon and game mode when you enter the lobby. You can practice any skill you want with time trials, free play and warm up. This is one the most effective aim training maps that we’ve ever seen.

Code: 8022-6842-4965

DUO’s Headshot Practice

This is a basic form of target practice. However, it’s great for duos! This map allows you to team up with a partner, pick weapons, and begin a round. Then, you must race against the clock and take out as many of the targets as possible—but only with headshots! Your record can be broken by you and your partner in one minute each round. You can see your score against your partner by looking at the leaderboard. It displays the highest score of each player using each weapon.

Code: 4497-1198-8609

Image via Duo’s Headshot Target practice

Snipers vs Runners | ZERO GRAVITY

This map is not specifically designed to be an Aim Practice Map, but it does serve as one. Zero gravity offers plenty of practice for players who want to improve their crosshair tracking. Snipers need to adjust their crosshair movement as the Runners run for the Snipers’ base. Even after the aim practice is over, you can still enjoy this map as a fun and light-competitive game that you can play for hours.

Code: 5065-0762-7790

Edit + Aim Parkour Season 1, Chapter 3

Because it takes very little time, this map is great for daily warm-ups. It is a warm up edit with aim training, parkour and it does exactly what its name says. Parkour is not difficult. It’s meant to prepare you for jumping, shooting and editing that you’ll often see at the match’s end. Pan_Go, a well-known mapmaker in Fortnite, also created it.

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Code: 4691-7411-6945

Warm-up Chapter 3

This latest warmup map includes many paths for you to improve your skills. It includes aim training courses (the below-pictured vertical tracking course), edit course and box fights. This map is likely to be the top warm up map in the season. It may even hold steady throughout Chapter 3. This map is ideal for warming up with the most recent in-game weapons and equipment.

Code: 9235-5574-0144

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Elite Squad – Aim Shooter

While waiting for your ship to reach your destination, you can take part in the various aim practice minigames that are available on board the spaceship. This is a casual way to improve your aim skills. You feel more like you are at a carnival than you do playing a game.

Code: 0631-4923-5407

Trickshot Death Run – Got Aim Pt. 3

Trickshot Death Run is an Aim Course that will teach you how to use your weapon and move quickly. You can take on any challenge that you like. If you feel brave, you can even skip the more difficult levels. To complete each challenge, you need to score multiple trickshots. This Aim Training map works best for players who have high weapon control and skill.

Code: 2732-3053-0999

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